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Artisan Feature Kari of Mile High Beads

(source: instagram) One of the best things about my job is watching what other artists create using the Nunn Design Findings. I find the work of artisan Kari Messerschmidt-Rogers to be really inspiring. I mean really, what is there not to love about well-crafted pieces of jewelry with a wonderful color sense created with crystals […]

Artisan Feature: Karin Nelson of Mount Forest Beadery

It is a pleasure to partner up in collaboration with this week’s talented artist; Karin Nelson of Mount Forest Beadery. Karin’s designs are elegant, yet hip with an urban edge. Her color palette is right in line with my Pacific Northwest taste and with a twist of colorful surprise! I find Karin’s work to be […]

Marla Salezze Designing with the 2018 Summer Collection!

Marla is not a new artisan to be featured on the Nunn Design Blog. She is, in fact, one of the most featured artists on our blog, for she has been designing as a Nunn Design Innovation Member since we first started the program. Marla is a talented seed bead artist that “can do it […]

Brags on You!

Yet another round of exciting inspiration and education from our Nunn Design customers! Thank you everyone for all that you do to inspire and nurture creativity! I’m super excited about Nunn Design being part of what Emily, Kate & Janice are doing over at If you haven’t yet started following them, they are worth […]

Artisan Spotlight Vanessa Lauria of Pidge Pidge!

Vanessa Lauria of Pidge Pidge is a wonderful fiber artist with a great eye for color and a smart business savvy side to her creativity. Be Inspired with Vanessa’s work in Nunn Design Bezels A couple months ago I reached out to Vanessa just to see if she would be interested in exploring using her […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Melissa

Melissa is my partner in crime when it comes to any visual graphics from Nunn Design. She is funny (well downright silly really), creative, thoughtful, patient, kind, and a joy to work with day in and day out. Melissa’s jewelry often leans toward the more quirky playful side. It is truly a visual representation of […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration by Team Member – Haylee

Haylee is the youngest member on the Nunn Design Team and our token millennial. I often stalk Haylee to see what she is liking on Pinterest and Instagram to provide a glimpse into the millennial mindset. Haylee has a very fun style to her jewelry. She tends to be influenced by her love of cosplay […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member – Christee

Besides being the main lead out in the warehouse, Christee is my right-hand gal when it comes to preparing Nunn Design for our art retreats and tradeshows. Christee works diligently to make sure that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is thought through and packed up. She is meticulous about details and I LOVE her for […]

Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Cheryl

If you haven’t yet experienced Cheryl here at Nunn Design, you just aren’t putting together the name with the voice. Cheryl is pretty much the person that you would have spoken with, emailed, or who would have helped you in anyway. She is our diva of customer service. Cheryl is my team member who is […]

Artisan Spotlight Meadow & Fawn

I’m not sure how the artwork of Alexis of Meadow and Fawn first came into my awareness, but I do know that I loved it from the moment I saw it. Her talents as an artist are vast. She sculpts and paints clay to create beautiful nature landscapes and jewelry with great attention to detail. […]

Artisan Spotlight – Pressed in Books

I have been enjoying following Kelly Tuohy’s resin work on Instagram. Kelly is willing to explore and create really innovative pieces with organics and resin. I have been very inspired over these past couple months and thought you would be too. Kellie created these amazing pieces using the flat tags. I LOVE this! You have […]

Brags on You!

And the inspiration just keeps pouring in! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to such a creative community of artists. Here is the latest! Modern Mandala Necklace Inspiration Project Lapis Spike Earrings Inspiration Project Teal Drop Earrings Inspiration Project just released the latest collection from Nunn Design. It is always fun to learn […]

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