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The Disciplines I Am Grateful I Practice

In the fall of 2019, the cover of the Nunn Design Master Catalogue featured the phrase, Explore the Possibilities. It was meant to be a rallying cry both for Nunn Design, as well as our community of artisans, creators and makers. I think we all have experienced that “Explore the Possibilities” has taken on meaning […]

10 Ways to Create a Thriving Jewelry Business in 2021

I have been following a business related podcast on NPR produced by Guy Raz, titled How I Built This. A main theme this year has been resiliency. I find comfort in learning that it is not just small businesses facing challenges, more than a few large U.S. companies are also struggling to remake their business […]

Top Selling Nunn Design Jewelry Findings – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series of posts highlighting the top selling Nunn Design Jewelry Findings during this global pandemic. In Part 1, I answer two very important factors in what makes a finding a top seller. WHO are the jewelry findings for? WHY are they selling? Here is a quick recap of WHO […]

Alternative Ways to Sell Jewelry! Part 3 Business Feature: InspireDesigns

The journey of InspireDesigns is like many small jewelry businesses. Sherri Murphy, the CEO of the global brand, started her business twelve years ago in the basement of her home. The company was founded as an avenue to sell the jewelry that she was passionate about creating. As Sherri attended art festivals and local craft […]

Nunn Design Featured on Interweave’s Jewelry Artist Podcast!

Last week Katie Hacker featured Nunn Design in their second episode of their Jewelry Artist Podcast. I was super nervous, but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about our experience of the global pandemic. Please listen. I’d love to hear what you have to share about your experience! Jewelry Artist Podcast: You Can’t […]

Alternative Ways to Sell Jewelry! Part 2. Company Featured: CF Originals

If you aren’t familiar with one of my favorite artists and business owners, then you are in for a treat with this company feature. Christi Friesen is an award-winning artist, author and teacher. She is well known in the polymer clay and mixed media worlds with showcased works of art featured in numerous books, magazines […]

Alternative Ways to Sell Jewelry! Part 1 Company Featured: HorseFeathers Gifts

Chelsea Farmer isn’t new to operating a business during troubled times. She might not have braved a pandemic, but starting a business during the height of a recession took great courage and commitment. After leaving her office job in 2009, Chelsea originally started her journey of inspiration, purpose and creativity with barn sales and consulting. […]

Braving a Pandemic as a Small Business Owner

Braving a Pandemic as a Small Business Owner Becky’s Tidbits! Nunn Design’s home in Port Townsend is 56 miles outside of Seattle, Washington, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. For the past couple of weeks I have watched, listened and researched as this crisis has unfolded. I wish I could say […]

How to Set-up a Tradeshow Booth to Tell a Story. A Tour of the Nunn Design Tucson Trade Show Booth

Becky Nunn To Bead True Blue Tradeshow

After doing tradeshows for over 27 years, I feel that I have finally created a tradeshow experience that I feel works! For me, setting up the Nunn Design Trade Show Booth is all about displaying the jewelry to tell a story. I take into consideration the following elements when we are setting up our booth: […]

Understanding Copyright, Trademark and Patent Laws

*This post was originally published on September 26 2016 and updated on Dec 27, 2019.* This is a repost from awhile back, but these issues have been arising in some of my conversations as of late. Please feel free to share this blog post! The more of us artists that know this information, the better […]

Tips on Creativity by Ira Glass of This American Life

*This post was originally published on July 18 2018 and updated on Dec 25, 2019.* It is really challenging to not compare oneself to others. In so many ways our culture feeds from it. Are we pretty enough, wealthy enough, skinny enough or talented enough? I enjoyed hearing and reading what Ira Glass, the executive […]

Becky’s Tidbits Episode 9. How to Stack Habits

Habits play a powerful part in how we create (or don’t create!). Several books that have made the NY Best Seller’s list address the topic of habits; Atomic Habit by James Clear and The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg What exactly is a habit? According to James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, habits […]

3 Steps to Product Development

The reason why Nunn Design is transparent about so many aspects of our business, is that it supports us in our mission; Through Collaborative Relationships, Nunn Design Inspires and Nurtures Creativity. We hope that you will find value in reading this repost from the Nunn Design archives. 3 Steps to Product Development Developing products that […]

Becky Tidbits Episode 8. Resistance

For this Becky’s Tidbits, we are sharing a video that was used in our 2019 Fall Semester series of online classes. With each class, I started with a lesson. In this lesson, we cover resistance. A powerful creativity killer! I hope you enjoy! Being Observant of Resistance Be observant of your behaviors. It is worth […]

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