Getting to know Becky

Book Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

After discovering James Clear’s online newsletter 6 months ago, I was already convinced that I would enjoy his then pending book, Atomic Habits. His writing focuses on how we can…Read More

Nunn Design Featured on the Design*Sponge Blog!

This week, Nunn Design has been featured on the Design*Sponge Blog, your home for all things design. Many of you may not be a stranger to Grace Bonney’s Design*Sponge Blog,…Read More

Watch Becky on Beadaholique’s Facebook Live! October 16th!

This past week I have been prepping for a series of new video tutorials that I will be filming at Beadaholique. I will be joining Julie & Kate for a…Read More

Design Sponge’s 4 Part Series on Starting a Business

I have enjoyed reading Grace Bonney’s essays and blog for years on Design Sponge. Recently I came across a four part series Grace did in partnership with Weebly that I…Read More

Isabella Heads to Girl Scouts with Jewelry Pins to Swap

Last week was busy around the Nunn Household. Both girls were getting ready for Girl Scout Camp! This was the first year that my youngest daughter, Isabella, brought pins for…Read More

Tips on Creativity by Ira Glass of This American Life

It is really challenging to not compare oneself to others. In so many ways our culture feeds from it. Are we pretty enough, wealthy enough, skinny enough or talented enough?…Read More

My Experience of Pricing Something Too Low! It’s About Perception!

A common question that I am asked here at Nunn Design is, “How do I price my jewelry?” There are standard formulas to explain the process, but sometimes even following…Read More

How to Attract & Sell to Your Core Customer

Recently, I posted an image and question on Instagram & Facebook that received a lot of attention and comments. I soon realized that I wasn’t asking the right question. I…Read More

Isabella Nunn in the 2018 Port Townsend Wearable Art Show

I try to keep the bragging on my kids down to a minimum. The only time that I include them on the Nunn Design Blog is to provide you a…Read More

Is Stress Causing You to be Less Creative?

One of the reasons that I’m such a planner is that I’m not a big fan of drama or stress. I like to get to the airport 2 hours before…Read More

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