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New Listings on Etsy

Still in the process of learning about this whole Etsy thing. It has been a really good eye opening experience! We are staying on track with our goal of adding pieces each week. Here are the latest additions! I had a few requests to list some of my sculpted relief pieces. These are some of […]

10 Things I Learned About Etsy Part 1!

After six weeks, the team at Nunn Design managed to launch Becky Nunn Design on Etsy. It was a long haul and many hours of research to launch…but the experience was good. Do I think it was worth it? There were many times during this process that I was in awe over people who make […]

Selling on Etsy? 10 Great Resources!

After years of creating jewelry for the Nunn Design gallery, making samples for magazine articles and creating jewelry to develop new techniques and tutorials, I have accumulated bags and bags of jewelry that are now stacked up in my office and in storage under my bed. It is time for me to find an outlet […]

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