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New Nunn Design® Website Now Live!

After a year of planning and designing, we are finally ready to make the big switch and go live on our new website!  Ta-Dah!  Drum roll please!!!!! If surfing to or your bookmark doesn’t take you to the new site right away, please don’t panic.  The site is merely in transition.  If you don’t […]

Taking Time For Creativity

I laughed out loud this week when I read what a person wrote under one of the free downloadable tutorials we had posted on Facebook.   “NTS” it started,  (“note to self”), “NTS, less downloading and more creating!” Isn’t that the truth?  With all of the free downloads, free videos, free, free, free, you’d think I […]

Art Day at Nunn Design!

Quarterly at Nunn Design, we drag all our toys out and spend the day playing.  We are testing new prototypes, new techniques, learning to work with new tools.  It is a great day that is had by all.  We can’t wait for you to see what we are up to next!!!  Christopher – Head Shipper Heather Thompson – […]

Having fun in Tucson!

Having fun in Tucson. If you won’t be able to make it, let us bring the trade show to you. Shop online until 2/14 and receive free freight as our show special. (For our Wholesale Customers only – use the code NDShowShip in the “Ordering Instructions and Comments” field when checking out of your shopping […]

Behind the Scenes…

Husband and wife team, Brett and Becky Nunn, of Nunn Design are putting the final touches on our show samples shipping to Tucson. They will be exhibiting at the To Bead True Blue Show, Booth G110 at the DoubleTree Reid Park. For those of you playing “Eye Spy” within the photo, check out Becky’s hairclip! […]

Happy Halloween from our pumpkin carving Nunn Design team!

One of our staff, Christee, has a Halloween Birthday. To celebrate, we carved pumpkins instead of having cake (trying to be a little healthier around here). It was fun! Becky used some epoxy clay and chatons to bling up her very thick, squash-like pumpkin because it wouldn’t take a knife. She’s a creative problem solver like […]

10 Great Earring Projects!

10 Great Earring Projects

Glass Domes! Chain! Epoxy! Resin! Polymer! Oh So Many Ways to Create! Earrings are a wonderful way to boost sales. They are quick and easy to make.  Great sellers too! You can also view other bracelets in our Gallery. Happy Creating!

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