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The Disciplines I Am Grateful I Practice

In the fall of 2019, the cover of the Nunn Design Master Catalogue featured the phrase, Explore the Possibilities. It was meant to be a rallying cry both for Nunn Design, as well as our community of artisans, creators and makers. I think we all have experienced that “Explore the Possibilities” has taken on meaning […]

You are Essential + Gratitude Gift!

At times of grief and loss, it is challenging to come up with just the right words to express sorrow to a loved one. Articulating how much you care can often feel clumsy or awkward. This was my experience with my mother when I disclosed the challenges Nunn Design was facing during the initial days […]

9 How-To Videos Featuring Nunn Design Findings from

Having a wide range of skills is what makes being a jewelry maker fun. There are so many ways that you can explore your creativity and continually be working to master your skill set. Here are a couple of how-to videos using Nunn Design Findings from our retail partners; How to Make the Fresca […]

Top Selling Nunn Design Jewelry Findings – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series of posts highlighting the top selling Nunn Design Jewelry Findings during this global pandemic. In Part 1, I answer two very important factors in what makes a finding a top seller. WHO are the jewelry findings for? WHY are they selling? Here is a quick recap of WHO […]

How to Create Sculpted Crystal Clay with Jacquard PearlEx Powder

We hope you have enjoyed these past three weeks of Nunn Design tutorials. This tutorial is the third in our series. To see the other tutorials in this series, visit our other blog posts! How to Create Sculpted Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin How to Create Sculpted Crystal Clay with Gilding Flakes As your skill […]

Nunn Design Earrings Sold with Loose Butterfly Clutches

Earrings shown are Earring Post Ornate Mini Circles As of August 3rd, we will have made the full transition to offering all of our earrings with butterfly clutches – loose within the bulk package. Many of you preferred the butterfly clutches over the bullet clutches. The butterfly clutches are more expensive, but by reducing the […]

Committed to Living a Creative Life – Interview with Jessica Long

More so than ever, our community of makers is being called to commit even deeper to living a creative life. Art brings beauty and balance into not only our own lives, but into the lives of others. Our role, as creative people, is essential. Jessica Long was drawn to the arts from a young age. […]

A Sign of Hope When I Needed it the Most

For the first six years of operations, Nunn Design filled the back bedroom of our house, an 1100 square foot 1929 cottage in Port Townsend, Washington. Product spilled down the halls and filled the basement, mingling with the stuffed animals, books, and toys of our little family. As our two daughters became older, and my […]

Becky’s Tidbits. The State of Our Union

For days we all have been receiving email notifications from companies regarding covid virus related changes in operations. I knew I needed to post something. The standard form letter or blog post highlighting “10 Things you can do or create during a pandemic”, did not feel right. The more I thought about how I could […]

How to Set-up a Tradeshow Booth to Tell a Story. A Tour of the Nunn Design Tucson Trade Show Booth

Becky Nunn To Bead True Blue Tradeshow

After doing tradeshows for over 27 years, I feel that I have finally created a tradeshow experience that I feel works! For me, setting up the Nunn Design Trade Show Booth is all about displaying the jewelry to tell a story. I take into consideration the following elements when we are setting up our booth: […]

2020 Winter Collection Videos!

We hope you have been enjoying the inspiration that the new Nunn Design 2020 Winter Collection has been providing. To see each of the new categories featured in the collection, we have compiled a series of 7 short videos for you to be inspired by. Enjoy! Shop the 2020 Winter Collection! shop 2020 WInter Collection! download […]