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Nunn Design Art Day – Team Nunn Takes to Teaching!

Quarterly, the team at Nunn Design ignores the phone and emails to take time out to create. It is our opportunity to work with the products first hand and to inspire and nurture our own creativity. This last quarterly Art Day, we mixed things up a bit. We have a new member to the Nunn […]

Dried Tiny Mushrooms for Sale – Great for Resin Jewelry!

It is mushroom season once again! Team Nunn member Kathryn has been harvesting and preserving mushrooms like crazy this fall. Her Etsy site is now restocked and open for business! The Spring of 2017, Kathyrn and I went foraging for mushrooms to preserve and incorporate into resin jewelry. Kathryn was so taken with the art […]

7 More Resin & Crystal Clay Techniques and How They Are Created!

Another round of inspiration on how to use Nunn Design’s 2-Part Resin and Crystal Clay. Here are 7 MORE ways that you can create unique pieces of wearable art with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin and Crystal Clay. 1. Sculpted Relief Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin I love this technique. There are several steps and this technique […]

Design Sponge’s 4 Part Series on Starting a Business

I have enjoyed reading Grace Bonney’s essays and blog for years on Design Sponge. Recently I came across a four part series Grace did in partnership with Weebly that I think you would be interested in. Grace breaks down the series of posts about Launching Your Online Business into 4 parts. Part 1: Finding Inspiration […]

Nunn Design Jewelry Kits for Embroidery Inspiration. Featuring Jessica of MCarolynandCo!

Nunn Design has collaborated with 5 embroidery artists to provide inspiring pieces of wearable art featuring the new Jewelry Kits for Embroidery. This week we are highlighting these artists and introducing you to their beautiful creations. (Source: instagram @mcaryolynco) Jessica took a break from stitching to answer a couple questions about her creative process. Everyone, meet […]

4 Resin Techniques! Learn How to Create Them!

Learn how to create these 4 unique resin techniques using resin, colorants, imagery and organics. All supplies are also available for purchase both retail and wholesale. 1. Colorized Resin with Transfer Sheets For this technique, there are two pours of resin required. The first pour of resin involves mixing and colorizing the resin. Once the […]

7 Art Day Jewelry Projects from Team Nunn Designer Melissa

The Team at Nunn Design had a very successful art day this past month! There are so many great pieces of finished jewelry to inspire you with –  we are breaking the art day highlights into several blog posts! For this blog post we are featuring the creations of Melissa, Team Nunn’s Graphic Designer. Melissa […]

3 New Nunn Design Kits with Tutorials + Videos Launched this Week!

3 New Nunn Design Kits with Tutorials + Videos Launched this Week! Just about every marketing article that I read these days writes about the importance of creating an experience that your customers can engage with. We are also being called to think outside the box when it comes to marketing to Millennials, a powerful […]

Nunn Design Summer School Starts Next Week, July 3rd. Did You Commit?

During the month of July, we are featuring a series of 6 tutorials using Nunn Design Resin on our website. When you commit to Nunn Design Summer School, students will receive a variety of special offerings including an email with a coupon code. This coupon code* is good for each of the 6 Summer School […]

My Experience of Pricing Something Too Low! It’s About Perception!

A common question that I am asked here at Nunn Design is, “How do I price my jewelry?” There are standard formulas to explain the process, but sometimes even following the formula can leave one scratching their heads wondering, “what the heck?” I, too, have experienced challenges and even once improvised to increase my pricing […]

Marla Salezze Designing with the 2018 Summer Collection!

Marla is not a new artisan to be featured on the Nunn Design Blog. She is, in fact, one of the most featured artists on our blog, for she has been designing as a Nunn Design Innovation Member since we first started the program. Marla is a talented seed bead artist that “can do it […]

Learn About Nunn Design Summer School! Pre-Shop the Buy & Try for School Supplies!

During the month of July, we are featuring a series of 6 tutorials using Nunn Design Resin on our website. Each tutorial will have a Buy & Try available, making it easy for you to purchase (retail and wholesale) all of the supplies necessary for creating. So how is Nunn Design Summer School different than […]

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