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Steps to Designing an Indoor Trade Show or Craft Fair Booth – Part 3

There are many decisions to be made when designing an indoor trade show or craft fair booth. In Part 1 of this 4 part blog post series we covered the steps of designing and creating the booth’s sidewalls and addressed the signage. In Part 2, we covered the designing and building of the trade show […]

Steps to Designing an Indoor Trade Show or Craft Fair Booth – Part 4

There are many decisions to be made when designing a trade show or Craft Fair Booth. In this 4 part blog series, I have broken down the designing process into these 7 steps: Step 1: Trade Show Booth Side Walls Step 2: Signage Step 3: Trade Show Tables Step 4: Lighting Step 5: Displays Step […]

Tiny Dried Mushrooms for Sale

Last spring Kathyrn and I went foraging for mushrooms to preserve and incorporate into resin jewelry. Kathryn was so taken with the art of gathering and preserving organics that she continued throughout her summer months, amassing a very large stash of tiny mushrooms. Mushrooms can be tricky to find and tricky to preserve. I have […]

Brags on You!

There is a large bounty of Brags to be celebrating this month. Some classes, some videos, some inspiration, and a whole lot of coolness! Thank you to everyone for helping us to promote our mission of inspiring and nurturing creativity. Posh Pendant and Earrings Luxe Ring and Hoops Nunn Design and Jill Erickson are partnering […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Melissa

Melissa is my partner in crime when it comes to any visual graphics from Nunn Design. She is funny (well downright silly really), creative, thoughtful, patient, kind, and a joy to work with day in and day out. Melissa’s jewelry often leans toward the more quirky playful side. It is truly a visual representation of […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration by Team Member – Haylee

Haylee is the youngest member on the Nunn Design Team and our token millennial. I often stalk Haylee to see what she is liking on Pinterest and Instagram to provide a glimpse into the millennial mindset. Haylee has a very fun style to her jewelry. She tends to be influenced by her love of cosplay […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member – Christee

Besides being the main lead out in the warehouse, Christee is my right-hand gal when it comes to preparing Nunn Design for our art retreats and tradeshows. Christee works diligently to make sure that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is thought through and packed up. She is meticulous about details and I LOVE her for […]

Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Cheryl

If you haven’t yet experienced Cheryl here at Nunn Design, you just aren’t putting together the name with the voice. Cheryl is pretty much the person that you would have spoken with, emailed, or who would have helped you in anyway. She is our diva of customer service. Cheryl is my team member who is […]

Emillia Nunn’s Stand-up Comedy Routine on Being a Teenager in a Small Town

The mission of Nunn Design is: Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity. This isn’t a mission that just guides my business practices, it is a mission that guides my life. This isn’t the first time that I have featured my daughter Emillia on the Nunn Design blog. She has been featured on […]

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Heather

Heather, the Nunn Design Operations Manager, has a western cowboy style to many of her jewelry creations. She tends to gravitate toward the Nunn Design leather products, including Deerskin Lace, Leather Cording, and Leather Cuff Bracelets. What I enjoy about the jewelry Heather creates is her innovative use of materials. She has a very analytical […]

2018 Nunn Design Master Catalogue

This week, the Nunn Design Master Catalogue has been arriving in the mail across the country. Have you received yours yet? Nunn Design’s Online Catalogue Takes you Places. Here is a tip to help you with your online ordering process. The downloadable 2018 Nunn Design Master Catalogue is also linked! We’ve laid out the details […]

How to Select the Best Nunn Design Brass Bead Caps to Incorporate into Your Jewelry Designs

There are several options of brass beadcaps within the Nunn Design Findings Collection. It can be a challenging to make a decision on which beadcaps to purchase. There are many ways that you can use beadcaps. I’ve broken my inspiration down into 4 different categories for you to explore. Hopefully this will inspire you and […]

The Making of the Nunn Design 2018 Master Collection Wholesale Catalogue

These past two weeks all of us at Team Nunn have been focusing on the reprint of our wholesale Master Catalogue. We like to design and print a new Master Catalogue about every 2 years. If this sounds familiar, you can see the previous blog post from December 2015; The Making of a Catalogue. In […]

Understanding PayPal, the Payment Process and How It All Works

PayPal has become the payment choice of the internet for many valid reasons. We have had emails from confused customers these past few weeks about how PayPal and the other payment methods actually work: “I already paid for these, why are you requesting funds for my backorder?” “I used PayPal because I thought I was […]

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