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Nunn Design Findings Slated for Retirement

It is always sad when certain findings within our Nunn Design Findings Collection are ready to retire. They’ve given up the grind of daily work and are ready to sip…Read More

How to Use Crimp End Connectors with Ball and Satellite Chain

Using Ball and Satellite Chain in your jewelry is one way to create a great look to your design. By adding Crimp Ends on the ends of your chain, along…Read More

Making Resin Easy! How to Store, Prep, Mix, Pour and Cure Nunn Design Resin!

Resin is one of those techniques that is on many artist’s “oh I want to try that” list. But for many, it seems a little scary. Are you one of…Read More

8 Tips on How to Care For and Enhance the Shelf Life of Nunn Design Resin

8 Tips on How to Care For and Enhance the Shelf Life of Nunn Design Resin Taking a few moments to learn about how to best store your Nunn Design…Read More

Which Nunn Design Jump Rings Fit Nunn Design Chain!

We are always looking to find ways to make designing with Nunn Design product easier. This Nunn Design Downloadable Cheat Sheet covers all of the various jump rings that Nunn…Read More

How to Use Nunn Design Crimp Connectors with Satellite Chain

Doing a tutorial on how to use the Nunn Design Connectors with Satellite Chain has been on my to do list. Sorry, still hasn’t happened! But here is a basic…Read More

Deerskin Lace Dye Affects Nunn Design Plating

We are a distributor of Silver Creek Leather Company’s Deerskin Lace. We purchase large quantities of Deerskin Lace from Silver Creek Leather Company at a discounted price and then offer…Read More

Nunn Design Copper Plating Continues to Patina with Age

The pure copper that we use to plate our brass and cast pewter findings continues to patina with age. Sometimes I will pull out a piece of jewelry I have…Read More

Painter’s Tape vs Packing Tape for Open Frame Resin-Filled Bezels

I really enjoy incorporating resin into Open Back Frames, Wire Hoops and Bezels to make unique customized jewelry. Open Backs have provided a whole new level of creativity to my…Read More

6 Tips on How to Care for Your Plated Jewelry

A frequently asked question that we receive is; how do I care for my plated jewelry? Here are 6 tips on how to do so. Tip 1: Do not expose…Read More

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