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Make These Organic Hoop with Crystal Charm Earrings! Free Tutorial & Video! Kit $14.50!

Our goal at Nunn Design is to make your jewelry making experience fun! We believe that providing high quality products, easy instructions and all the supplies you need to create with are an essential part of that jewelry making experience.This week we are featuring 3 retail kits that support us all in this goal. Included […]

8 Tips on How to Care For and Enhance the Shelf Life of Nunn Design Resin

8 Tips on How to Care For and Enhance the Shelf Life of Nunn Design Resin Taking a few moments to learn about how to best store your Nunn Design Resin will enhance the shelf life of the product. We believe learning these tips is time well invested. I like how Epoxyworks defines “shelf life.” Captain […]

Navette Bezels & Wire Frames – 2018 Summer Collection Product Review!

New Grande Pendant Navette Bezels & Wire Frames Large Navette All this week I am providing product reviews for the 2018 Summer Collection. In this post, I’m covering the newest bezel shape and wire frame within the Nunn Design line-up, the Navette! Grande Pendant Navette Bezels Our Grande Pendant Navette Bezels are 45mm long, 21mm […]

Organic Buttons & Charms – 2018 Summer Collection Product Review!

New Organic Buttons & Charms! All this week I am providing product reviews for the 2018 Summer Collection. Next up we have the new Nunn Design Organic Buttons and Charms. New Organic Buttons There are 2 new designs available in our Nunn Design Buttons, a bee and crossed arrows. Each button is cast in lead-free pewter […]

New Organic Metal Beads – 2018 Summer Collection Product Review

New Organic Metal Beads! All this week I am providing product reviews for the 2018 Summer Collection. The New Organic Metal Beads that are part of the 2018 Summer Collection are not only beads, they are pendants, flat tags for metal stamping and a great surface for resin and clay. The 3 new Organic Metal […]

New Flat Tags – 2018 Summer Collection Product Review

New Flat Tags! All this week I am providing product reviews for the 2018 Summer Collection. Based on the amount of inspiration, I think it is apparent how crazy fun these new Flat Tag shapes, of the 2018 Summer Collection, are! I really couldn’t stop making stuff! There are 4 new shapes that are the […]

Shop the 2018 Summer Collection Today!

I hope you are ready for a fun summer creating jewelry! The findings included in this collection are designed to be standalone accents, however can be altered to make them uniquely your own. The ability to alter and make the Nunn Design Findings uniquely your own is a characteristic true of our product line. SHOP […]

2018 Summer Collection Preview! Collection Goes Live June 7th!

I think that every product developer or designer fears that someday they just won’t “hit the mark.” That they will find they have run out of items to design or ideas of things to create. I’M NOT THAT DESIGNER! This 2018 Summer Collection was a blast to play and design with from start to finish. The […]

Which Nunn Design Jump Rings Fit Nunn Design Chain!

We are always looking to find ways to make designing with Nunn Design product easier. This Nunn Design Downloadable Cheat Sheet covers all of the various jump rings that Nunn Design offers wholesale and a chart showing what the jump rings look like when they are attached to the Nunn Design Chain. This has been […]

Coming Soon! Earring Post 8mm Circles, Bitsy Drops and Bitsy Triangles!

We are delighted to announce that we will be stocking several items that were offered in a Flash Sale last year in our everyday collection of Nunn Design Findings. The Earring Post 8mm Circles, Bitsy Drops and Bitsy Triangles. We appreciate all of your feedback and interest in these adorable little guys! Since our Flash […]

2018 Winter Collection! Open Pendant Triangles and Square Bangles!

Here is the last of our 2018 Winter Collection line-up from Nunn Design. In this post we will cover the addition of Open Bezel Triangles and Square Bangles. Open Pendant Triangle Minis Open Pendant Triangle Minis are cast in lead-free pewter and plated in copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Each plate is sold […]

How to Use Nunn Design Crimp Connectors with Satellite Chain

Doing a tutorial on how to use the Nunn Design Connectors with Satellite Chain has been on my to do list. Sorry, still hasn’t happened! But here is a basic step-by-step walk through! Learn How! 1.  Cut the chain 1/8″ from the last ball (if you don’t the ball will slide off). 2.  Apply a […]

2018 Nunn Design Master Catalogue

This week, the Nunn Design Master Catalogue has been arriving in the mail across the country. Have you received yours yet? Nunn Design’s Online Catalogue Takes you Places. Here is a tip to help you with your online ordering process. The downloadable 2018 Nunn Design Master Catalogue is also linked! We’ve laid out the details […]

2018 Winter Collection! Jumprings, Bails, Ball Headpins and Button Shanks!

Here is the latest line-up of findings from the 2018 Winter Collection released by Nunn Design. In this post we will cover 4 new jumprings, a bail, ball headpins and button shanks. 4 New Jumprings! In the spring of 2017, we did a Survey Monkey for all our customers. One category that was requested over […]

Deerskin Lace & Chain! – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

The 2018 Winter Collection was released last week reveling a full collection of new findings added to the Nunn Design product mix. Over the past few weeks we have provided inspiration and product information on these newest additions in our blog. Read more about our new release of Drops, Hammered Moon & Cross Charms, our […]

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