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Gabrielle of Meadowgrass Designs mission is to provide one-of-a-kind items, carefully and uniquely created, preserving the beauty of nature.

“What began as a way of providing safe, clean food for our family, turned into a passion for growing. Some of my favorite moments are those spent watering, picking flowers and vegetables, and walking through the greenhouse. Nature has always fascinated me, so preserving it forever in wearable pieces of art seemed like the perfect way to capture it.”

Gabrielle and her family live in Kentucky, the bluegrass state. She is a wife, mother of three children, an artist, music enthusiast and gardener. Her days are spent tending her garden, teaching her children, reading and spending any extra time creating.

I’m grateful to be able to reach Gabrielle and be able to connect with her about her life.

Meet Gabrielle

Becky: Thank you Gabrielle for taking the time to answer some questions about yourself. You really have a full life! As a creative mother with a jewelry business, do you have any tips for other mothers who would like to have more creativity in their lives?

Gabrielle: I couldn’t imagine my life without having a creative outlet, so it’s a priority for me to allow myself that time. So, with my family’s support, it’s a balance we make happen together, even if it’s just a small amount of time. Sometimes that means before everyone wakes, after they go to sleep, or bits of time here and there, working in stages.

Becky: You had posted on your Instagram feed: “I finally sat down at my bench, in over a month, to create some new pieces. My heart just hasn’t been in it lately. It felt good to try though. It will come.” Do you feel like your creativity lays dormant like the plants in your greenhouse?

Gabrielle: When I posted that is was during a time of moving forwards with our lives after a difficult couple of years, due to covid. We actually built our greenhouse during that time, which was so needed and fulfilling. My heart was just focused on other things and I just needed to refocus after being away from my bench for a bit. I definitely lack that inspiration during the winter months, when everything is absent in the greenhouse. Not having my flowers affects my creative motivation.

Becky: What do you do to help nurture yourself during those dormant times?

Gabrielle: During the slower months I enjoy other outlets, such as painting and reading. I also incorporate more gemstones in my work, as my flower supply starts to dwindle. There’s also a lot of green-house planning during this times.

Becky: You made the choice not to heat your greenhouse this winter. It is almost like the beauty of the plants call for you to create. Do you feel that too?

Gabrielle:  Absolutely. My favorite quote comes to mind, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul,” John Muir. The first year we heated it, only to lose it all to an overnight freeze despite our best efforts. So, for many reasons we decided not to this year. Not having that daily therapy and inspiration affected my creative process as a whole. It just feels as though an important part is missing.

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul,” John Muir.

Becky: Do you have a way that you preserve your organics that you would like to share with us?

Gabrielle: I’ve tried several methods, but I love the simplicity and patience that comes from doing so in books, using a natural process.

Becky: Was it challenging to learn how to incorporate organics into resin? Can you tell us about some of your challenges and how you overcame them?

Gabrielle: Yes, it was, as I’m self-taught. Bubbles. Sanding, curing and overflowing can all present themselves when working with resin. I think that slowing down, not trying to do too much in one sitting and being okay with trial and error were helpful in the learning process. It took a lot of practice and patience. Now, I put all my focus on quality over quantity. 

Becky: How do you primarily sell your creations?

Gabrielle: Mostly in Etsy. A few shows here and there when time allows.

Becky: You create a lot of jewelry with Nunn Design Findings. Thank you. With so many findings on the market, why do you trust your jewelry to Nunn Design Findings?

Gabrielle: It comes down to the amazing quality, style and selection for me.

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