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How the Nunn Design Flash Sales Works:
• The Flash Sale is available to registered Nunn Design Wholesale Customers only.
• There is no minimum purchase requirement on Flash Sale items. The $100.00 minimum order requirement is waived.
• We waive the bulk pack requirement and allow you to order 1 pair or 1 piece if you desire.
• You can order as many as you would like, but 1 pair or 1 piece is the minimum.
• The Flash Sale Program cannot be combined with other wholesale products. Sorry, it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at if you have any questions.
• The Flash Sale begins September 6th at 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time and runs until 11:59 PM PDT.
• Once orders are received, we will then put the findings into production. The shipping time will be 6-8 weeks after the Flash Sale.

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