March 26, 2020: Class 3: Sculpted Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin

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Class 3: Sculpted Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin. March 26, 2020

I personally love this technique and it is typically a show stopper in the Nunn Design Trade Show Booth year after year. Even if you have learned this technique before, it is a great refresher because I’m always coming up with new tips and tricks to add to the class. You will receive 1 tutorial prior to the March 26th class. This tutorial will prepare you for the class on March 26th, 2020.

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This is what you will learn:

  • 3/25/20 Learn to create a mold using Easy Mold Silicone Putty, how to mix Crystal Clay and how to use Jacquard PearlEx Powder.
  • 3/26/20 We push what we learned on 3/25 a little further! We learn how to mix and colorize Nunn Design Resin and how to apply it to the sculpted relief of Crystal Clay.
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