Charm Buddha
Antique Gold

OD:22.7 x 15.7 x 1.9mm

This Buddha charm, adorned with carefully inscribed Thai words, potentially encapsulates profound spiritual concepts. The left side suggests a sense of reverence with “หลวงพ่อ” (Venerable Father or Respected Monk), while the right side’s “ธรรมจักร” (Wheel of Dharma) could symbolize the continuous cycle of Buddhist teachings. At the bottom, “สร้างบาระมี” (Create Merit) encourages virtuous actions for accumulating merit, creating a narrative of respect, spiritual guidance, and a potential pursuit of enlightenment.

In the depiction of the Buddha, the Bhumisparsha Mudra sitting position symbolizes unwavering resolve and triumph over obstacles on the path to enlightenment, accentuated by the grounding nature of the mudra. The Buddha seated on a Bodhi leaf further emphasizes the connection to the tree of enlightenment, enhancing the representation of spiritual awakening and victory over challenges.

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