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4 Resin Techniques! Learn How to Create Them!

Learn how to create these 4 unique resin techniques using resin, colorants, imagery and organics. All supplies are also available for purchase both retail and wholesale. 1. Colorized Resin with Transfer Sheets For this technique, there are two pours of resin required. The first pour of resin involves mixing and colorizing the resin. Once the […]

Colorized Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Transfer Sheets

I’m crazy about these tree transfer sheets that we released earlier this year. I think the effect of colorized resin with the dramatic tree photos is quite stunning. Transfer sheets are printed images that have a film front with a paper backing. When you drop the film into a dish of warm water, it separates the […]

Create Colorized Resin Mosaics with Excess Resin Tutorials

If you have worked with resin before, you often have some leftover resin you don’t want to waste. This tutorial will help your resin be “good to the last drop.” Resin, when it is still curing, is very soft and can be easily cut with scissors and even rolled. Create interesting mosaics with the excess […]

Colorizing Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Organics

Adding organics over colorized resin creates a stunning effect. This technique does require multiple resin pours, but the results are unique and beautiful. To ensure that your organics are ready for resin, please read the previous blog post that covers 6 tips for preparing organics for resin. The preparation and drying of your organics is […]

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