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All of the fall semester online classes and tutorials are FREE of charge. You can purchase a class kit with all the technique supplies and findings both wholesale and retail. Kit finding packs are available in either 24k gold or .999 silver plate. If you have some of the online class supplies already, you can purchase the remaining supplies needed a la carte.

Supplies for the 2019 Fall Semester series of online classes are on sale. If purchased by September 30th, supplies will arrive in time for your first class starting on October 11th.

Nunn Design Fall School 2019

When you sign-up for the Fall Semester, you will be receiving a weekly email reminder for each of the classes, additional tips and reminders. You can unsubscribe at anytime.
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    To watch all of the classes be taught live by Becky, you must first be invited to join the Fall Semester Private Facebook Group. In order to receive a one time email inviting you to the private Facebook Group, you will need to provide us with the email you used to create your Facebook account.
  • The email address listed here is only used to send an invite through facebook to the Fall Semester Facebook group.

LEARN: 2019 Fall Semester:

  • The Nunn Design 2019 Fall Semester of online tutorials are free of charge.
  • We will be offering 4 online classes during the 2019 Fall Semester, 1 each week. You can participate in 1 class or all 4. You get to choose.
  • On the date of each of the 4 classes, the full step-by-step tutorial will be posted on the Nunn Design Blog. A reminder email will be mailed out notifying you of the online class that will be going live that week and letting you know all of the supplies you will need for that class.
  • The day of the class going live, we will be hosting a Facebook Watch Party where you can join in and watch the full class with the Team at Nunn Design

4 Classes:

There will be a series of 4 classes that will cover a variety of techniques. Classes will be held on Fridays of the following dates.

  • October 11, 2019: Class 1: Colorized Crystal Clay, Organics and Colorized Resin Tutorial
  • October 18, 2019: Class 2: Making Textured Organics, Crystal Clay, PearlEx Powders & ND 2-Part Resin
  • October 25, 2019: Class 3: Organics & Nunn Design 2-Part Resin in Open Back Hoops
  • November 1, 2019: Class 4: Colorized Crystal Clay with Jacquard PearlEx Powders

Class Private Facebook Group!

  • Once you pre-register to “sign-up and commit” to taking the online classes, you will be invited to join our 2019 Fall Semester private Facebook Group.
  • When you have registered, an additional supply list for each of the classes will be emailed to you. Additional supplies will consist of Q-Tips, wet-wipes, toothpicks and things like that.
  • You can watch a replay of the Facebook Watch Party and participate in the 2019 Fall Semester of classes on Facebook at anytime.
  • The team at Nunn Design will be available to answer any questions that you might have by monitoring the private Facebook Group.
  • Within 48 hours from the time you enroll, you will receive an email from Facebook asking you to join the Nunn Design Private Facebook Group. If you did not receive this invite, please download the “How to Join the Private Facebook Group” download to walk you through the steps of how to join.  

    Still not able to join? Email Cheryl at

Class Kits, A La Carte & Additional Goodies!

  • When you have registered, an additional supply list for each of the classes will be emailed to you. Additional supplies will consist of Q-Tips, wet-wipes, toothpicks and things like that.
  • Students can purchase the “CLASS KIT FOR ALL 4 ONLINE CLASSES” or the “CLASS KITS A LA CARTE”. You can choose.
  • When you purchase the “CLASS KIT FOR ALL 4 ONLINE CLASSES” you will receive all of the supplies you will need* plus FREE goodies.
  • Registered wholesale customers will receive:
    • The lowest tiered price possible.
    • Be able to purchase small mixed packs of Nunn Design Findings
    • Check-out with less than $100.00. (Online class supplies cannot be combined with other wholesale products.