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Amelia Brock’s Channel Pendant Necklace in Bead & Button Magazine

In Tucson last year at the To Be True Blue Show, Amelia Brock brought by a piece of jewelry she had created using the Nunn Design Channel Pendant. The piece was so beautiful, that I asked her if I could show it to Julia, the editor of Bead & Button Magazine. Julia loved the piece […]

Innovation Team Member Stephanie Gard BussFeatured on Jewelry Making Daily (AGAIN!)

Bathing Beauties Sari Silk Necklace

Yep, it is true.  Stephanie is our girl of the hour…AGAIN.  And what isn’t there to love about this project.  Metal Stamping, beads, fiber, and images…oh my! Stephanie’s simple step-by-step instructions makes it easy for a beginner to imagine the possibilities of creating true lovelies and also provides the advanced jewelry artist with inspiration.  Please […]

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