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Epoxy Ring Tutorial + Giveaway

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** We have partnered up with our friends at Fusionbeads.com to create this great Epoxy Ring Tutorial. Download the supply list from Fusionbeads.com and the step-by-step tutorial to create this fun epoxy ring project! We will be sending 1 lucky reader all the Nunn Design products you will need to make this Epoxy Ring. […]

Beading on Bangle Bracelets!

This is the week of seed beads and bangle bracelets!  Innovation Team Member Marla Salezze did this series of bangles for Nunn Design.  Thank you Marla!  We love these projects! To see how to do something similar to Marla’s, check out Beadaholique’s latest video:  How to Cover a Channel Bangle with Bead Weaving    

Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Chaton Crystals

Be right on trend with these simple wire wrapped bangles with Chaton prong settings. These bangles are just the right balance of free form spirit and elegant bling. To create these bangles you will need: Prong settings Chaton crystals Wire (I used a 20 gauge) Flush Cutters Needle Nose Pliers A bracelet mandrel or a […]

Add Texture to Epoxy Clay

The more I play with epoxy clay; the more I fall in love with it. There are so many looks that can be achieved using this medium! Download this simple step-by-step tutorial (PDF) that was featured on Jewelry Making Daily to learn how you can add texture to epoxy clay with texturing pads or rubber stamps. The following items were used to make […]

Another Great Giveaway!

Make this Epoxy Ring

***CONTEST CLOSED *** I just can’t tell you what a delight it is to make something that is soooo easy, yet looks like it took forever to make. It’s like having your friends think that you cooked homemade baked beans when you really just added barbeque sauce to the can.  And since our job at […]

Learning How To Use A Torch

Kate Richbourg Micro Torch Basics

I took several classes from Kate Richbourg at Bead & Button this year.   Kate’s ability to handle the basics provided me with the strong foundation that I feel I can learn from.  Not only does Kate have a book pending, Simple Soldering, (I’m on her waiting list), she is now offering a soldering class at […]

“Make This” Heart Earrings + Giveaway

“Make This” Heart Earrings + Giveaway

Enter To Win This Great Giveaway! ***CONTEST CLOSED*** These fun earrings are a cinch to make and fun to boot!  Make a bead out of two of Nunn Designs Coral Bead Caps and Crystal Clay, add Crystal Clay to a 6mm Petal Bead and add a chaton to create a floral accent.  It just can’t […]

How To Make Glass Tile Pendants

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2tXV0sEJT4[/youtube] Make glass tile pendants with Nunn Design clear glass domes, clear glass tiles, transfer and collage sheets and Patera Bezels.  Becky Nunn walks you through an easy glass tile pendant tutorial explaining just how easy making handmade jewelry can be! Nunn Design takes the guesswork out of creating glass tile pendants.  Our glass is […]

Make Your Own Rhinestone Bezel

Rhinestone Bezel Tutorial
[youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=bhAztFmszH0[/youtube] Design Your Own Setting With Chatons, Crystal Clay® and Nunn Design® Raised Pendant Pateras Create a rhinestone necklace using rhinestone chain, Crystal Clay and Crystal Chatons.  Becky Nunn’s step-by-step instructions and video shows just how easy it is to make handmade jewelry that is both unique and classic. The Raised Pendant is created with […]

An Easy & Fun Project

This project received a ton of attention at the Bead & Button show earlier this month. Here is a super easy technique using the rhinestone chain (approx 8″ worth), Nunn Design Bangle Bracelets and 22-gauge wire.  These simple steps will get you started: 1.  Cut 2 feet of wire (don’t panic if you don’t have […]

Make This No. 4 + Giveaway

Using vintage buttons or cool supplies from your own private stash, you too can make these beautiful usable creations with epoxy clay and just a few simple steps.  Download PDF instructions  from Becky Nunn that show just how easy it is. We will be sending one lucky reader all the product and findings needed to create […]

Simple Techniques + Affordable Tools = Great Results!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc9Nxmo9DbA[/youtube] Nunn Design® invites you to take your jewelry making one step further with these straightforward techniques that work like a breeze. Not to mention they are fun and easy to use. These affordable tools are available today and easy on the bottom line. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWD2gJ_imTo[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B9tA-_pZdA[/youtube]
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