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Create Simple, Yet Elegant Earrings with This Free DIY Tutorial

I do shows annually, and hands down, this pair of earrings gets a lot of attention. Although I used epoxy clay to connect the findings within the Ornate Mini Pendants, it could easily be adhered with E6000 or Bond 527 Cement. Supplies 1. Mix Epoxy Clay 2. Using Epoxy Clay, Attach Beadcaps to Bezels 3. […]

Make Beads with Beadcaps in this Heart Earring Project.

Learn how to make a head pin loop and create beads from bead caps in this simple Valentine Tutorial from the Nunn Design Archives. Mix up a batch of Epoxy Clay For this tutorial I used the Dark Brown Crystal Clay. I tend to like the clay to be behind the scenes and subtle. Crystal […]

Artbeads Café Filmed On Location At Nunn Design

Last week Kristal Wick and the Artbead Team took a road trip to visit us here in Port Townsend – to shoot on location the upcoming episode of Artbeads Café. Here are some behind the scene snapshots! Don’t you think Kristal and I look all respectable? BUT this is really what was going on 3 […]

Create A Duotone Bracelet Using A Pencil And Epoxy Clay

Embedding crystals into Epoxy Clay to give it a major bling look has taken its place in the limelight. But, epoxy clay isn’t just for crystals. It can be used to create something as equally elegant, such as these duotone bracelets.    Looking For A Fun Jewelry Project To Do This Afternoon? I’m always looking […]

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