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Now That You Know How To Metal Stamp, Create This ‘Let Go’ Leather Wrap Bracelet.

Yesterday we posted a great tutorial from Karen, blogger and owner of the store Urban Arts + Crafts in Kansas City. On Karen’s blog, “I Always Pick The Thimble,” she walks you through how to create this great leather wrap bracelet and what inspired her to make it. This bracelet came about because one day […]

Want To Learn How To Metal Stamp? This Post Is For You!

I Always Pick The Thimble created a tutorial that we just couldn’t have done better. Karen, blogger and owner of the store Urban Arts + Crafts in Kansas City, walks you through the many lessons she has learned about metal stamping. This post is one in a series of tutorials that Karen is letting us […]

Make Metal Stamped Charms Filled With Hugs and Kisses!

Stamping on metal is a trend that is here to stay. Because small independent jewelry artists, designers and hobbyists can create unique customized jewelry, this trend will continue to be strong for years to come. Take Your Metal Stamping To The Next Level By Creating Unique Customized Charms. The key to success in the trend […]

Innovation Team Member Stephanie Gard BussFeatured on Jewelry Making Daily (AGAIN!)

Bathing Beauties Sari Silk Necklace

Yep, it is true.  Stephanie is our girl of the hour…AGAIN.  And what isn’t there to love about this project.  Metal Stamping, beads, fiber, and images…oh my! Stephanie’s simple step-by-step instructions makes it easy for a beginner to imagine the possibilities of creating true lovelies and also provides the advanced jewelry artist with inspiration.  Please […]

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