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Make this Epoxy Ring

***CONTEST CLOSED *** I just can’t tell you what a delight it is to make something that is soooo easy, yet looks like it took forever to make. It’s like having your friends think that you cooked homemade baked beans when you really just added barbeque sauce to the can.  And since our job at Nunn Design is to make you look good, this ring is an easy way to achieve that.

We will be sending 1 lucky reader all the product and findings needed to create this “Make This” project.  Like us on Facebook and then comment on this blog post to be eligible to win. This contest ends at 11:59PM on October 14th with winners to be announced on October 15th. For step-by-step instruction on how to make this showstopper, download our free pdf.


1.  Pinch off two equal small pea size balls, of Part A (the color) and Part B (the hardener). Knead the two equal size balls fully together until the clay is a consistent color and not marbled.

2. Pinch off a lentil bean size ball of the mixed clay to use later in the center under the Mum Flower Charm.

3.  With the remaining mixed clay, roll it into a round ball.  Pat the clay gently into the Ornate Large Circle Ring until it is flat and fully flushed to the edges.   The clay should be just along the base of the ring bezel.

4.   Cut a 2 ¾” piece of the 18ss rhinestone chain.

5.  Place the rhinestone chain around the inside edge of the Ornate Large Circle Ring.  Tap down slightly, pressing the chain into the clay.

6.  Using a pair of cutting pliers, cut off the loop from the Mum Flower Charm.

7.  With the lentil sized ball set aside in step 2, press it into the center of the ring.

8.  Press the Mum Flower Charm into the center.

9.  Ring will cure in 12-14 hours.

10.  Give yourself a manicure because EVERYONE is going to notice your newest bauble!

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45 thoughts on “Another Great Giveaway!

  1. Jewel says:

    Not only is this very cool, BUT it solves (2) problems I am having and gives me a fresh idea right away, I’m sure it has only started to cook! I want to do it, I need some crystal clay!

  2. Sue says:

    I am loving this clay and would be so happy to have even more ways to use it! These rings offer soo many possibilities! Thank you, Rebecca!

  3. Christine OToole says:

    The rhinestone chain with the stones being “set” is what makes this beautiful project have such “class” as a finished item. Awesome idea ~ thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!

  4. Lizz says:

    I’ve wanted to find a use for cup chain that is out of the ordinary..thanxs!..this looks as if it couldn’t get any easier..and great, immediate results!

  5. SusanW. says:

    Easy yet elegant. I absolutely love this ring! I have been on a ring making kick lately, and this would be the perfect addition to my stash. Even if I don’t win, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!

    I would love to make this for Christmas gifts and to sell in my store!

    Great Idea!


  7. Evelyn Dawson says:

    So elegant and easy – this new line with the components makes it a snap to make things that look like a million!

  8. Patricia Keene says:

    I have never worked with metal smithing and would love the chance to learn and add it to my skills and brain matter.

  9. Valerie says:

    What a gorgeous rhinestone ring – and yes, Nunn Design, you always make your projects so easy to create. With only a few inspirational components, in a matter of minutes, I could be making my girlfriends (and a few male friends) quite jealous! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  10. Andrea Wild says:

    I’m so keen to try epoxy clay but have not been sure where to begin. Now I know exactly where! Your gallery and your step-by-step guides like this one have been really helpful to me, not just for inspiration but to help me figure out which components work best together when I place my orders. Thank you!

  11. Jane McClain says:

    Love the step by step guide. I haven’t tried the two-part yet, but certainly will give it a go. Love love love your rhinestones!

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