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Becky Tidbits Episode 8. Resistance

For this Becky’s Tidbits, we are sharing a video that was used in our 2019 Fall Semester series of online classes. With each class, I started with a lesson. In this lesson, we cover resistance. A powerful creativity killer! I hope you enjoy! Being Observant of Resistance Be observant of your behaviors. It is worth […]

Repost: My Experience of Pricing Something Too Low! It’s About Perception!

This is a repost from June of 2018, but the content is so very important! It is amazing how tweaking the price can change the results of the customers perception. I hope you find this informative! How do I price my jewelry? A common question that I am asked here at Nunn Design is, “How […]

Top 10 Pinterest Pins for 2019

It is always interesting to see the analytics behind Pinterest. Understanding what drives traffic to our website is a key factor in understanding the type of content that our customers, or potential customers would like to see more of. In case you don’t already follow our Pinterest, here it is! Here are the top […]

Holiday Embroidered Ornaments by Jessica of MCarolynCo

More holiday embroidery inspirations using the ornament kits from Nunn Design. Thank you Jessica for your lovely pieces!   Learn More About Jessica: Shop Jessica’s Etsy site: Follow her on Instagram: @mcarolynandco To shop the Embroidery Finding Kits, visit our website! Shop Retail Embroidery Findings Kits Shop Wholesale Embroidery Findings Kits

Becky’s Tidbits Episode 7 Gourmet Mudpies. The Making of Collaboration, Relationships and Inspiring Creativity

I can remember some of my earliest memories of “being creative.” I grew up in Southeast Alaska so playing outdoors in the woods was a source of endless hours of creative play for my siblings and me. One of my favorite games was “Restaurant.” Our restaurant’s specialty was mud pies. Not any mud pies, but […]

Best Places to Purchase “Green” Shipping Supplies

We at Nunn Design are passionate about helping our customers with every aspect of their business. That includes helping all of us make good choices about the products we purchase and the impact they have on the environment. To help with your shipping needs, we have compiled a list of “green” shipping supplies we think […]

2020 Pantone Resin Formulas Are Here!

We are super excited to share the long awaited 2020 Pantone formulas! Once you know how to mix Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, it is easy to master adding Opaque Pigments to create on-trend colorized resin. The trick to this process is mastering the formulas for mixing the colors! Heather, of Team Nunn, once again sat […]

Holiday Embroidered Ornaments by Sarah Buckley Art

Just in case you readers have any ideas, Sarah has agreed to let me have first rights of refusal on these! I have my fingers crossed! Aren’t they Lovely! You can read an interview we did with Sarah here: Nunn Design Jewelry Kits for Embroidery Inspiration. Featuring Sarah Buckley! Learn More About Sarah: Shop Sarah’s […]

Becky’s Tidbits Episode 6 The Why, Who and What.

 I have been asked many times by our customers, “how do I price my one of kind jewelry?” You can google this question and you will get all sorts of articles on how to do this. Jewelry pricing formulas based on the cost of supplies, labor costs, overhead, wholesale versus retail. These are all […]

Brags on You!

Thank you everyone for sharing your creativity! It is a delight to share what you have been up to! Garden Sass! Fun resin and organic jewelry by Garden Sass! Shop the Website: Follow on Instagram: @garden_sass Fusion Beads! It is always fun to see the projects that Fusion Beads comes up with! Learn How: […]

Enamel Pins I LOVE! Bonbi Forest

Every now and then I come across an illustrator’s style that makes me swoon. Lee Foster-Wilson is one of those illustrators! Lee creates wonderful illustrations that connect people to nature and their relationships with each other. Her art is highly emotionally charged, therefore earning my description of “swoon.” Located in south-east England, Lee’s illustrations explore […]

Fall Semester Class #4. Colorized Crystal Clay with Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

Welcome to the 2019 Nunn Design Fall Semester. The 2019 Nunn Design Fall Semester consists of 4 free online classes. You may participate in 1 class or all 4. Class kits for all the supplies are available both wholesale and retail. Students that register for the 2019 Nunn Design Fall Semester will also be able […]

Design*Sponge Interview with Becky Nunn | From The Archives

From The Archives! Back in 2018, Nunn Design was featured on the Design*Sponge Blog. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, we hope that you will enjoy reading about it now. How would you describe your business and what you do? Nunn Design is a supplier of jewelry findings for creative makers. We […]

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