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Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Resin, Pearl Ex Powders & Organics!

Colorized Resin, Pearl Ex Powders & Organics

Keeping things fresh and pushing boundaries is essential for your customers’ engagement and their desire to come back to see what is fresh and new. Many of the Nunn Design Customers are small, independent, AWESOME makers who have loyal followings. Designing for a smaller audience of core customers, requires that you keep things fresh without […]

Jewelry Inspiration! More Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes!

Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes!

With this technique of Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes, each piece of jewelry will be unique! Select from numerous formulas of on-trend Pantone Colors to colorize Nunn Design 2-Part Resin by downloading the Nunn Design Pantone Cheat Sheet. Here is another post we shared featuring Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes! Sign-Up for the Next Series […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Crystal Clay with Mica Flakes and Resin!

Crystal Clay & Gilding Flakes

I’m a big fan of working with Crystal Clay when it comes to embedding! Crystal Clay is quick and easy to work with and doesn’t require being fully cured before applying a clear resin coat onto the surface. The look is classic and elegant, with each piece coming out one-of-a-kind. To read the full how-to-tutorial, […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Crystal Clay with Organics and Colorized Resin!

What I love about this technique of Colorized Crystal Clay with Organics and Colorized Resin is that it only requires one pour of resin. For those of you doing resin production work, the speed of not needing to wait for your base layer of resin to cure is a benefit. Once you have colorized your […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes!

For this technique, I applied colorized Nunn Design 2-Part Resin into the base of the bezel and allowed the resin to fully cure. A second coat of clear resin was mixed and drizzled into the bezels. Gilding flakes were inserted into the resin, which allows each piece to be one-of-a-kind. Another aspect that makes this […]

Jewelry Inspiration! String It & Wrap It!

What makes Nunn Design Jewelry Findings unique is the ability to create finished jewelry that is unique to your brand. This blog post highlights several pieces from the 2020 Master Catalogue where the jewelry was either strung on beading wire or wire wrapped. Be Inspired! Click on each of the jewelry inspirations to link to […]

Nunn Design Jewelry Findings that Express Love!

Valentine's Heart Charms

Nunn Design has so many options when it comes to expressing love. Select from our line of bezels, charms and metal stamping tags to make your messages sweet and clear. Bezels! We have several bezel jewelry findings within the Nunn Design Collection in the shape of a heart. Nothing expresses love like the shape of […]

Visit us in Tucson! To Bead True Blue! February 1-6, 2020. Casino del Sol.

The Nunn Design Team is busy preparing for the 2020 To Bead True Blue Tradeshow at the Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona. The To Bead True Blue is one of the many shows that make up the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show. The show is located at the beautiful Casino del Sol where parking […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Crystal Clay Creates A Look of Timeless Elegance.

Creating with Crystal Clay and Gilding Flakes is an easy technique to use for a collection of jewelry that has a look of timeless elegance. Mark your calendar for March 5th for the upcoming tutorials, videos and Buy & Try for this technique. All of the supplies to explore this technique will be available both […]

3 How-To Video Tutorials on Embroidery with Nunn Design Kits for Embroidery

Cat embroidery by Jessica Richter Art Embroidery is a trend that continues to be on the rise. At first, I thought it was increasing in awareness and popularity with the Millennials (sorry, I know that age group doesn’t like to be called that!) but it isn’t just them. All age groups are either coming to […]

How to Mix Pantone Colors Using Nunn Design Resin and Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments

Be inspired to create with on-trend Pantone Colors by using the Nunn Design Pantone Color Formulas. We have taken out the guess work! Learn how to mix Nunn Design 2-Part Resin and Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments to create on-trend colors. Download our Pantone Color Formula Cheatsheet for easy access to dozens of Pantone Colors. The […]

2020 Winter Collection is Here! Explore the Possibilities!

A Labor of Love! As a child growing up in Southeast Alaska, I spent many rainy days indoors engrossed in my favorite book. While my seven siblings were reading Tom Sawyer or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was curled up with our family’s tattered JC Penney mail order catalogue. My home-town was a small […]

2020 Winter Product Review – New Flat Tags!

January 9th, 2020 – Nunn Design releases the 2020 Winter Collection. This is part of a series of posts in which we highlight the full collection. Each blog post will provide all of the fine details – hopefully inspiring you to create! In this last post, we feature our 6 new Metal Stamping Flat Tags, […]

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