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The Disciplines I Am Grateful I Practice

In the fall of 2019, the cover of the Nunn Design Master Catalogue featured the phrase, Explore the Possibilities. It was meant to be a rallying cry both for Nunn Design, as well as our community of artisans, creators and makers. I think we all have experienced that “Explore the Possibilities” has taken on meaning […]

How to Care for Tarnished Silver Plated Jewelry Findings

Nunn Design jewelry findings are plated with three different precious metals; copper, 24k gold and .999 silver. With time, all precious metals, with the exception of platinum, will eventually tarnish. The best way to prevent tarnishing is to properly care for their jewelry. But what happens to jewelry that you have on consignment in a […]

5 Ways to Clean Tarnished Copper Jewelry Findings

Nunn Design Jewelry Findings are plated with precious metals. All precious metals, with the exception of platinum, will eventually tarnish. A quick Wikipedia search provided an explanation on why this occurs: Tarnish is a product of a chemical reaction between a metal and a nonmetal compound, especially oxygen and sulfur dioxide. It is usually a […]

10 Ways to Create a Thriving Jewelry Business in 2021

I have been following a business related podcast on NPR produced by Guy Raz, titled How I Built This. A main theme this year has been resiliency. I find comfort in learning that it is not just small businesses facing challenges, more than a few large U.S. companies are also struggling to remake their business […]

Brags on You! No. 52!

Living a committed creative life, as a small business owner, isn’t just about making pretty jewelry. It is about being a professional. It is about committing to showing up daily, posting your work and being vulnerable enough to state; “I made this.” For myself, I’m incredibly inspired seeing other artist’s work. It helps me see […]

You are Essential + Gratitude Gift!

At times of grief and loss, it is challenging to come up with just the right words to express sorrow to a loved one. Articulating how much you care can often feel clumsy or awkward. This was my experience with my mother when I disclosed the challenges Nunn Design was facing during the initial days […]

2020 Fall Trend – SIMPLICITY!

Trending Now is SIMPLICITY Two summers ago when I was traveling in Italy, I was surprised to see the  simplicity of the jewelry that was trending. When I mentioned this observation to a friend of mine (whom I consider an expert on tracking trends), she said it was the Italians celebrating the “vivendo il momento” […]

How To Make Holiday Ornaments with Crystal Clay, Molding Putty & Colorized Resin!

DIY Ornaments

This is our annual repost from a holiday ornament workshop we taught online in a previous year. I can’t wait to unpack my holiday ornaments because all of these samples are now within those boxes and I’m looking forward to seeing them. I hope you enjoy seeing this post again and will be inspired to […]

Product Feature! Nunn Design Succulent Jewelry Charms!

Succulent plants have been trending these past few years and their popularity is still going strong! Today we are featuring our 2 Succulent Jewelry Charms from our 2020 Winter Collection of Findings. We couldn’t be more thrilled with these pieces of casted artistry and are sure to see them be in our top selling charms for […]

New Release: Wire Frame Open Circle Grande

New to the Nunn Design Collection this October, are these new Wire Frames. Weather you are wire wrapping some semi-precious stone or creating jewelry that utilizes this wire frame as a necklace focal, you will be sure to create something of beauty. Wire Frame Open Circle Grande Wire Frame Open Circle Grande pieces are crafted […]

Brags on You! No. 51!

For the past twenty years Nunn Design has been on a mission; Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity. We have supported our mission by developing jewelry findings for our creative customers, we have empowered our customers to try new things through our tutorials and free online classes and we have celebrated business […]

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