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MORE of What Students are Saying About Nunn Design Online Classes!

Enrollment for the 2019 Fall Semester of free online classes is happening now! Join us for yet another fun semester of learning online! The first class started on October 11th! There will be a series of 4 classes, over 4 weeks. Here is what we will be covering in this series. If this looks like […]

Artisan Feature – Rebecca Sower

It is fun to follow along on a journey of an artist. Creativity doesn’t stay still and Rebecca Sower embodies that fully. I came to know of Rebecca years ago when she had a full line of scrapbooking and art journaling supplies that she licensed through several companies within the Craft & Hobby Association. As […]

Nunn Design Resources -Toggle & Clasp Cheatsheet

Nunn Design Toggle Bars and Rings are sold separately, allowing our customers to mix and match. This is one of the many ways in which we support our customers in making their designs unique to their brand. DOWNLOAD toggle clasp CHEATSHEET PDF! Which Toggle Clasps Fit Which Toggle Rings: The Nunn Design Toggle Bars and […]

Nunn Design Resources – Jumpring & Chain Cheatsheet

I’m not going to lie to you, creating resource guides like this Jumpring & Chain Cheatsheet takes a massive amount of time and is a full team effort. Does it increase sales for Nunn Design? It is hard to say. But what we do know is that it supports our mission of inspiring and nurturing […]

Nunn Design Resources – Crystal Chart Cheatsheet

We are always looking to find ways to make designing with Nunn Design product easier, even if we don’t stock or offer the items! This Nunn Design Downloadable Cheat Sheet covers all of the Preciosa and Swarovski Crystals Nunn Design offers to fit Nunn Design bezels. This chart also shares the Preciosa and Swarovski item […]

The Nunn Design Motto; Smooth at Every Speed.

20 years ago, my husband and I moved two hours outside of Seattle, Washington to the seaport town of Port Townsend. We both felt a calling to slow down and live a creative lifestyle that was free of distractions, so we headed out to the Olympic Peninsula in search of a new home. When we […]

7 Click! Learn! Make! Techniques for Making Handmade Jewelry

The Nunn Design 2019 Summer Catalogue is designed to inspire our customers AND to educate them on how to do the various projects throughout the pages. Here is how we designed the catalogue pages with your interaction in mind: Download the 2019 Summer Catalogue Throughout the catalogue, click on an image that you would like […]

Floral Resin Jewelry Inspirations

As the trend of including organics and dried florals into resin continues upward, the artistry behind the design and composition of the organics is rising to an unprecedented level. I have highlighted the work of My Meadow Jewelry and Tiny Ice Flower to focus on the incredible beauty of floral in resin jewelry. The commitment […]

Several Nunn Design Chains are Now Spooled on Cards!

We are now shipping several of the Nunn Design Chains spooled onto cards. This transition is a result of our warehouse team exploring ways to: Reduce waste Save warehouse space Save our customers shipping fees by using smaller shipping boxes. We will still need to spool the larger bulkier chain on spools, but the finer […]

Artisan Feature: Lisa Rogers Studio

Lisa ventured into the world of art at the tender age of three when she decided that the white walls needed her special touch of magenta crayon. She continued to explore art over the years, creating paintings and murals, theatrical set design and large scale stage backdrops.  Along the way, Lisa luckily discovered the art […]

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