10 Polymer Clay Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced

If you are a newbie to polymer clay or a seasoned artist of this medium, I’d love to introduce you to a passionate artist and educator; Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree.

Ginger’s education motto is “learn stuff without the fluff.” A motto that is very clear when visiting her website. Her site is full of hundreds of articles that provide accurate information that you can trust.

Ginger is generous and very fluent in the medium that she is passionate about. With a career in molecular biology, she thinks like a scientist but communicates in such a clear way that you are sure to have success.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at her reviews from hundreds of people who have purchased her tutorials.


“I downloaded this tutorial and not only is it informative but was sooo helpful. I now do my clay baking differently with great results.
Thank you Ginger for putting the time and effort into The Blue Bottle Tree so the rest of us can benefit.”


“Well, well, well. I should’ve known! I bought this tutorial as part of a package, but I didn’t think there would be much in it that would be of use to me, being fairly experienced and an avid reader of Ginger’s work. HOWEVER, I was quite wrong! Yes there are lots of parts that I already knew, and did serve as an excellent refresher in places, but there was information in there that I hadn’t come across previously, and was therefore extremely useful to me! So please, don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t be worth buying when Ginger has so many other wonderful tutorials to choose from – that’s simply not the case. Also, Ginger’s writing style is as easy to understand as always, and she brings a few little grins and giggles along the way. Worth the money, for every level of clayer.”


“Wow, talk about a wealth of information! This tutorial contains everything you need to know about sanding and buffing polymer clay. It’s very well organized, clear and understandable. It’s the kind of tutorial that you’ll want to keep handy and refer back to it often since there’s no way to memorize all that info!”


“Thank you for your wonderfully clear and concise tutorials Ginger. You are such a source of information-I love how you test finishes etc and make my claylife so much easier. Your tutorial opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities-which I plan to explore throughout the year. I cannot use enough superlatives-many many thanks!”


“Ginger has done it again – what a wonderful tutorial! She is detailed in her instructions to ensure your success. She is but an email away should you have any questions or problems. I highly recommend this tutorial!”


“Brilliant tutorial!!
So well-organized, very professional and fully detailed, it covers everything you need to know and gives answers to every question you may have. This is the 4th tutorial I’ve purchased and definitely not the last one.
Ginger, you are the best!”

Free tutorials, Groups and Great Tips!

I contacted Ginger and she guided me through some links to share with you. Her website has a “Polymer Clay Earring Portal” that is bursting with great information. She covers topics like:

Tutorials to Purchase

Out of the many tutorials that you can purchase from Ginger, these are the tutorials that she says are the most popular right now!

Baking Polymer Clay $12.00

Polymer Clay Essentials Information for All Clayers $18.00

Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay $25.00

Rustic Polymer Clay Beads Tutorial $18.00

Faux Glass $22.00

Making Watercolor Agate with Polymer Clay $22.00

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