10 Reasons to Subscribe to the Nunn Design Blog

The Nunn Design blog is the hub of all activities occurring around our world headquarters. We’d love for you to be part of that!

Here are 10 reasons why our blog might be found useful and worth receiving a weekly digest.

1. Inspiration.

Let’s admit it, who among us doesn’t like eye candy? How about images of beautiful jewelry to jumpstart your imagination with possibilities? The Nunn Design blog promises you inspiration.

2. Education.

Besides inspiring you, we make it our job to teach you how to create the pieces that tempt you. We update our gallery continually with tutorials and videos packed with tips and tidbits of information.

3. Product Updates.

We consistently add to our product line. Be in the know of what is behind the scenes of the Nunn Design Community as we roll out our latest collections.

4. Giveaways.

We offer giveaways frequently, giving our readers a chance to try new products and tutorials. Enter a chance to win. If you never roll the dice, you may never be lucky!

5. Artisan Spotlights.

We feature artisans that we both admire and also drool over their artistic creations. It is a fun way to see what other artists are doing and learn from them.

6. Trends.

We make it our business to know what is going on in the market place so that we can develop products that are timely. Stay connected with what is on trend. Learn what’s hot and why.

7. In The Press.

We highlight the projects we have featured in the latest publications not only to toot our own horn or the horn of artisans that use our product, but also to inform storeowners what folks are seeing and what they will want to purchase and create.

8. Get acquainted with the Nunn Design Team.

We are a fun group of people that care deeply about our mission to inspire and nurture your creativity. We work together to test products and identify issues and challenges, so you won’t have to.

9. We listen!

Tell us what you want throughout various blog posts and we will do our best to create it.

10. We are fun!

We are not all work and no play. We enjoy laughter and silliness.

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10 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Subscribe to the Nunn Design Blog

  1. Bonnie Hammond says:

    Looking forward to receiving the Blog. I’ll take all the education and inspiration i can get so i have high hopes.

  2. Sandrea Roots says:

    Oh Becky thank you for reminding me to ‘listen’
    I am so proud of you & happy I stumbled on your story today.
    Thank you To bead shop!

  3. Carol says:

    I love everything about your site! You sell beautiful quality items and teach us how to use them. I will be 70 in March but I feel energized and ready to expand my skill level! Thanks so much for being here!

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