Bring on the Bling

2012 Innovation Team Member Stephanie Gard Buss has an easy project featured on Jewelry Making Daily today.   Chances are you might have a cool old button in your stash, but if not, Stephanie will walk you through the easy steps of making your own bling statement bauble! Download these simple step-by-step instructions (PDF ) and […]

Free Prong Setting How-To-Video

[youtube][/youtube] See How Easy Prong Settings Are To Use! So what exactly is a prong setting and how do you use it anyway?  A prong setting is a bezel that has little metal prongs sticking up.  When you bend those prongs down, it keeps a Chaton or stone in place.  To see this in action, […]

Apply For The 2013 Innovation Team

2012 Innovation Team Member Erin Prais-Hintz writes about her experience with Nunn Design.  A very kind post filled with great information if you are entertaining the thought of applying for our 2013 Team. Thanks Erin! *If you’d like to become a part of this exclusive Team, please fill out the Nunn Design Innovation Team Application found […]

Innovation Team Member Erin Prais-Hintz

What I love about Innovation Team member Erin Prais-Hintz’s jewelry is her use of color, texture and words that provoke thought.  These thoughts can inspire us to “love what you do, be happy from the inside out, experience your dreams wide awake, be creative, be unique, and live the life you always imagined”.  Erin states  […]

Innovation Team Member Sharon Borsavage

Sharon produces art because she must.  She describes herself as a person obsessed with beads and making jewelry.  “I have always had a passion for passion itself”, states Sharon.  “To be able to create a mood or stir an emotion in someone through my creativity, makes me feel that I have done my job”. Sharon […]

Happy Halloween from our pumpkin carving Nunn Design team!

One of our staff, Christee, has a Halloween Birthday. To celebrate, we carved pumpkins instead of having cake (trying to be a little healthier around here). It was fun! Becky used some epoxy clay and chatons to bling up her very thick, squash-like pumpkin because it wouldn’t take a knife. She’s a creative problem solver like […]

Karen McGovern Featured on Beading Daily

All this week we will be featuring our Innovation Team member Karen McGovern. The Blooming Heart Necklace on Beading Daily is a great way to start off the week of posts celebrating Karen’s work. Visit Beading Daily to see their blog post. Download free instructions (PDF) of this great project and the supplies needed for you to get started. […]