Ponytail Holders Featured in BeadStyle Magazine

Have you seen the latest issue of BeadStyle Magazine? One of the projects features the Nunn Design ponytail holders. This is a simple project, yet the results are stunning!  To create a project like this:

1.     Find unique buttons or found treasures

2.     Purchase elastic ponytail holders from your local drug store

3.     Using epoxy clay, mix according to the manufacturers instructions.  Apply a small dab on each side of the ponytail holder where it attaches onto your found treasure.  Press down, squishing all excess epoxy clay out to the sides.

4.     Using a headpin, scrap away the excess epoxy clay that squished out the sides.

5.     Let your ponytail holder cure for 12-18 hours.  Pull your hair back and prepare for the “wow” factor.  These beauties are so addicting to make and giveaway!  Is it too early to start planning for the holidays?

We also have a PDF with step-by-step instructions you can download! Epoxy Button Ponytail Holders Tutorial

To purchase these ponytail holders retail:  Bellomodo.com
To purchase wholesale: Nunndesign.com




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7 thoughts on “Ponytail Holders Featured in BeadStyle Magazine

  1. Rhonda says:

    I love this idea! Nunn Design provides so many great and unusual products to promote creativity and allow beautiful products to be fabricated!!!

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