Ring It In!!!

This image is my favorite from the whole catalogue (remember that – it could be a question for a giveaway someday; “what was Becky’s favorite image from the master catalogue”?).  I took an old ruler and threaded on multiple rings, laid the ruler across a glass dish with a gold rim and then piled up gold leaf junk underneath.  It was just the right amount, in just the right composition.  Stunning if you ask me -just tell you even though you didn’t ask me.

Ring bezels are great, great, great sellers for Nunn Design®.  The shank on these lovelies is adjustable, and the adjusting occurs underneath the bezel itself, hiding it all nice and tidy.  This prevents the adjustable ring shank from snagging onto that stylish lace blouse that you may have just acquired.  See, we think of these sorts of things here at Nunn Design (mainly because I just snagged my own blouse!)

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