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Lucky Charm Necklace Tutorial

Does it really work to adorn oneself with lucky charms? According to some folks the data is there to support that it really does work. I really like this excerpt from Jeff Haden’s Inc. article titled: “Secret Weapon: Your Lucky Underwear?” Jeff writes: “We hypothesize that the proposed performance benefits of superstition are produced by […]

Yes Bracelet Tutorial

Fusion Beads and Nunn Design partnered up for this fun “Yes” Hammered ID Bracelet Tutorial. Learn how to wire wrap beads, how to attach crimp connectors onto ball chain and how to assemble this “Yes” bracelet. Download a copy of our “Yes” Bracelet Tutorial. How To Make a Yes Bracelet Designer: Becky Nunn Supplies Needed: […]

New! 2013 Summer Collection!

New! Screw Back Bezels! Leather Cuff Bracelets! Rings! Cufflinks! More Flat Tags for Metal Stamping! Alrightieee!  Here is what you all have been waiting so very patiently for! More items to introduce to our 2013 Summer Collection! Download a copy of the 2013 Summer Collection and let the creating begin! Screw Back Bezels Leather Cuff Bracelets Leather Cording […]

New! Colored Chatons! Basic Findings! Leather Cording!

Here are a few new products that you have been asking us for! New Colored Chatons Ball Chain Crimp Connectors Eye Pins 1.5mm Leather Cording    Other areas of interest around Nunn Design: Over the next couple of weeks, we will be adding new products. Make sure to be checking in with us! Take a moment […]


Learn about Satellite Chain in this blog post: How to Use Crimp End Connectors with Ball and Satellite Chain