20 Jewelry Inspirations Using Leather

Leather jewelry has been going strong for the past couple of years. We have the slow down in the economy to thank for trends lasting longer these days. Personally, I am grateful for the slower pace for it allows us to push our creativity and continue to offer fresh and innovative ideas on ways to use products and supplies.


“We have the slow down in the economy to thank for trends lasting longer these days.”

From the Nunn Design files – here are 20 Jewelry Inspirations Using Leather to kick start another great year of leather jewelry.

Braid It! Knot It! Tie One On!

If you don’t remember your basic knots from Scouts or camp, Google search “nautical knots” or “jewelry knots” for quick inspiration on how to braid, knot and tie. For the Nunn Design products used in each of these projects, visit our Bracelet Gallery. All of the findings used will be listed in each project.

Designer: Stephanie Gard Buss

Designer: Haylee Troncone

Designer: Haylee Troncone

Designer: Debra Oldham

Designer: Becky Nunn

Designer: Becky Nunn

Button It Up!

Buttons are a great way to create closures to leather and the Nunn Design Button Shanks allow you to create truly unique clasps.

Designer: Karen McGovern

Designer: Becky Nunn Design

Leather Cuffs With Micro Screws

Along with the trend of leather, comes the trend of cold connecting. Cold connecting is an industry term for attaching two pieces of metal together without a heat source. Micro Screws are those two pieces of metal. It allows you to poke holes into leather and attach all sorts of fun junk. To see a step-by-step tutorial, download our Leather Bee Cuff tutorial to learn how to use micro screws.

Designer: Becky Nunn

Designer: Becky Nunn

Designer: Becky Nunn

Designer: Becky Nunn

Designer: Becky Nunn

Designer: Becky Nunn

Leather Cuff with Screw Back Bezels

The Nunn Design Screw Back Bezels are the same concept as Micro Screws. By creating a hole into leather, you are able to thread through the screw back part of the bezel and attach to any surface. How fun is that? To see a step-by-step tutorial, download our Blank Screw Back Bezel Leather Cuff Tutorial.

Designer: Becky Nunn


Designer: Becky Nunn


Designer: Stephanie Gard Buss

Designer: Becky Nunn

Nunn Design Offers Leather Cuffs and Cording

One of the many things we strive to do here at Nunn Design, is to provide inspiration but to also offer all the tools and supplies to actually create it. Visit our site for our leather cuff options as well as our leather cording.

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We will be closing down shop for the Holidays! Starting on December 24 at 4 pm and reopening January 2nd at 8 am. We hope that all of you will have time to be with family and friends too.

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As of January 1st, Nunn Design will be having price increases on some of the items within our line. To review the items that will be increasing in price, contact us for a spreadsheet. You may want to stock-up and save!

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