2015 Summer Collection Is Live Today!


June 11th (today!) is the launch day for our 2015 Summer Collection. Here is what we have in store for you with this great new release.

Download a copy of our 2015 Summer Collection Catalogue.

Itsy Bezels


Itsy Bezel Inspiration!!


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5 New Charms!_52F9138

2015 Summer Collection Charm Inspiration!

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Itsy Bottles!


Itsy Bottle Inspiration!

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Open Frame Pendants!


Open Frame Pendant Inspiration!

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New Flat Tag Long Narrow!


Flat Tag Long Narrow Inspiration!

Shop New Flat Tag Long Narrow!

Itsy Post Earrings!_52F9137

Itsy Earring Inspiration!_52F9312 _52F9335 _52F9336 _52F9337 _52F9339 _52F9340 _52F9341 _52F9342

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Faceted Bead Chain!fbcf-gb-spool fbcf-sb-ruler fbc-sb-ruler

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Jumprings Grande Circle!jrgc-sb-ruler

Shop Jumpring Grande Circle!

What do you think? Did we do a good job of inspiring your creativity? Click here to shop the full new release.

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1 thoughts on “2015 Summer Collection Is Live Today!

  1. Heather Martin says:

    I have to say that these are amazing, as always. But I am disappointed with one thing.

    You always have Crosses. While that is not the problem to me, the problem is not everyone’s beliefs systems are the same and you are neglecting other religions in your collections. You even have a couple (and when I say a couple I mean very few) Buddah charms on LimaBeads.com’s page. But on their site you have a page and a half of Crosses and then another page of Medallions for Rosaries.

    All I am saying is to respect other religion and include them into your collection because right now as it stands, by your company only making the symbols of faiths that you are, you are losing me as a customer.

    I love Nunn Design, your products are stellar in quality, design, originality, etc, but all of that does not matter when you exclude people like me who are of a different faith.

    Now I am not saying to not make the Crosses, what I am suggesting

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