2015 Summer Collection-Itsy Earrings, Flat Tags & Faceted Bead Chain!


Included in the 2015 Summer Collection are new Itsy Earrings (super itsy at 6mm!), Long Narrow Flat Tags and Faceted Bead Chain. All of these new findings we think are key components to our expanding jewelry findings offering.

Earring Post Itsy Circles


Earring Post Itsy Circles are cast in lead-free pewter and plated with 24k gold or .999 fine silver. Cast Itsy Circles are soldered onto stainless steel posts and clutch to create this quality earring post.

Earring Post Itsy Circles Inspiration!!


These earrings were filled with Gel du Soleil and sprinkled with glass glitter flakes. This will be a Buy & Try offering to come!


All of these earrings are made with Crystal Clay, Jump Rings, Bead Caps and Chatons. Super fast! Super easy! Super great!

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Flat Tag Long Narrow and Hammered Flat Tag Long Narrow


Flat Tag Long Narrow and Hammered Flat Tag Long Narrow. Many of you have been asking for this size of Flat Tag. Thank you for your suggestion for it is quickly becoming one of my favorite flat tags! All of our flat tags are cast in lead-free pewter and are plated with copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Our flat tags are designed to be metal stamped on and are plated to provide the highest level of quality.

Download our free tutorial regarding how to metal stamp on Nunn Design Flat Tags. It is very helpful, pewter is soft and the plating makes our flat tags different from other metals you might have metal stamped. Be inspired with these jewelry creations

Be Inspired!


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Faceted Bead Chain


Faceted Bead Chain is brass and plated with copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver. Spools are sold at 25 feet lengths and are available in two sizes; 1.2mm and 2mm. The Nunn Design Crimp Connectors work with the 1.2mm Faceted Bead Chain. The Crimp Connectors and Ball Chain Connectors work with the 2mm.

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92 thoughts on “2015 Summer Collection-Itsy Earrings, Flat Tags & Faceted Bead Chain!

  1. Laura Vardell says:

    I can’t wait to try the open bezels, I love the look of the color block effect. And can already see it working through most of my designs. Also love the itsy bezels. So much to think about and don’t know where to start! Bravo Becky Nunn!

  2. Janice says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Itsy Bezels because they will coordinate so well with my ART Tiles – can’t wait to place my next order – shared on Facebook too 🙂

  3. Carrie says:

    I love everything in this collection. Becky comes up with the most beautiful supplies and Nunn Design is my favorite vendor. I am excited to work with the itty bitty earrings.

  4. Kate Hardy says:

    I love the glass bottle. My teenage step daughter loves mermaids. I’d like to use Sculpey to create a miniature mermaid for the bottle as a necklace charm. She’s quite the artist herself and the bezels offer endless opportunities for great pendants!

  5. mercedes says:

    I am excited and love the new summer collection but mostly cannot wait to work with the new Itsy Bezels. The design possibilities are endless and cannot wait for it to be incorporated in my romantic line.

  6. Heather Martin says:

    I am looking forward to the itsy bottles and itsy earring posts, and the new faceted chain.

    The reason why I am looking forward to the first two are because of their new smaller and more delicate size.

    And as for the chain, because I do not have chain in my stock and would really love some.

    Thanks as always for the giveaways Nunn Design and for the awesome products that you create and distribute to all of your fans.

  7. Melanie Legrand says:

    i love the crosses! My 3 year old son is a miracle and a blessing. Out of this experience came Angelic Whimsey, my business. My faith fuels me and has taken my creativity to new levels. I would love to add the crosses to not only my mixed media art, but my jewelry as well! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  8. Julie Komenda says:

    I am loving the faceted bead chain choker/bracelet things–The way the bead caps enable you to go beyond the dog tag look is amazing. I bought the bars in every color already…must…get….chain…

  9. Rijacki says:

    I’m looking forward to working with the new Itsy bezels and bottles. Good things can come in small packages. Working in miniature can be challenging but also intriguing. The open frames should also be fun to work with.

    I have liked the facebook page and am a blog subscriber. I like reading where Nunn Design is going even when I don’t have the time I want to create with the inspiration.

    I have also shared the contest/new collection announcement to my page.

  10. M kay says:

    Love these new tiny components. ..my head is swimming with ideas. Recently purchased the bracelet ends, during the flash sale…..they are great …easy to use and great looking.

  11. Janet Wisner says:

    Love the pieces, Little treasure bottles for travel mementos; open bezels with wings, found objects, glitter oh my; leather and tree charms… Looks like lots of creative fun.

  12. Joy says:

    I love all these cute little guys!! There is so much you can do with all these! Lots of mix n match possibilities. I think the little bottles are my favorite 🙂

  13. Julene Hansen says:

    Love these giveaways! I am most excited about the long flat tag because I want to use it as a connector!

  14. Sharon Johnson says:

    I am thrilled with “Itsy”, period. The one item I am looking most forward to working with is the itsy bottles. I have used the larger keepsake bottles but the scale was really bigger than I preferred. I see all sorts of uses for these….The 6mm earrings posts also have wide applications… Great new collection… and Oh by the way.. did I mention the charms!!

  15. Joan says:

    I am just loving Nunn Design! It is really hard to pick just one thing to be excited with! I love the look of the itsy bottles! One idea is for me to add my tiny real rare sea glass in them!!! It truly is hard to single out one item because I will love & use so many!!!

  16. Louise Carseldine says:

    LOVE love love the new faceted ball chain & can’t wait to get it into my hot little hands! It is SUPER luxe. 😉

  17. Ruth Gaines says:

    Who wouldn’t like the entire collection. I already have some ideas using the ball chain and the small charms. I’ve been using the mixed metals and love the look.

  18. Ale Toevs says:

    I’m very excited about the collection and new products. I’m specially excited about the itsy bottles and faceted bead chain. I started following on Facebook!

  19. Sheryl says:

    I look forward to using the faceted ball chain with your bezel pendants that I fill with Pebeo Prisme Fantasy color and resin. The texture of the new ball chain will compliment the textured effects created by the colors. Excited!

  20. Heather Martin says:

    I just wanted to also let you know I am a blog follower and I just saw the post on the Open Frames. Those are awesome, and I would try and use them in a concept I have in my mind.

  21. Jan Pogue says:

    I love the initial charms the most and want to try the open back frames too !!! So many creative things to do with Nunn Design 🙂

  22. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Totally digging the Itsy Bezels, especially the long rectangle. I also love the new frames. The varied metals, the different shapes and sizes. So many possibilities! I love the way you are constantly pushing the limits and coming up with new ideas, Miss Becky. Keep it up! Enjoy the day. Erin

  23. Linda Carter says:

    I am most excited to work with the open frames…there are so many opportunities for design with them…can’t wait for them to get here. Ordering more today!

  24. Marrian Piers says:

    I love the new skinny tags as they offer so many alternatives to use them. Very stylish and sleek they offer a lot of ways to dress up a design. I also have to say the face tested brad chain leaves lots of surfaces to shine and catch the eye. Looks awesome for bracelets.

  25. virginia says:

    These pieces are fresh and exciting, I love the weight of the bracelets using the ball chain. As always I am inspired and ready to create.
    thank you,

  26. Christine Stoll says:

    Oh, those open bezels are dreamy goodness! I already bought some itsy bezels and LOVE them!!! I’m a die-hard Facebook fan and blog subscriber! Sharing on Twitter @christine_stoll

  27. Valorie Bowen says:

    There is nothing like a beautiful view looking through a window. The open bezels are beautiful and open with possibilities. Thank you Becky for putting together such an amazing package…drooling not wasted…

  28. Traci Printup-Khan says:

    I am looking forward to using the entire collection in my designs. The new charms are just fabulous!

  29. Kathy says:

    Love these. The itsy bezels are my favorites but it was hard to chose. – am a blog follower and a facebook follower

  30. Becky says:

    These are great products. I have so many ideas on how to combine the faceted chain with different types of leather. I can’t wait to try them all!

  31. Celebrate YOU Boutique says:

    OMG What is there not to like?! It it’s just too hard to narrow down. Itsy bottles are ADORABLE!! My mind is full of ideas. the new Charm Collection is fabulous. I love the chain and benzels. My, I must say this is a favorite new group. Who doesn’t love itsy! 🙂

  32. Gail Speers says:

    The new collection of it’s bitty pieces will provide a new challenge for sure…but in truth I wear small pieces…maybe a big epiphany is about to happen !?!? Thanks
    Gail Speers

  33. JOANNA VENETI says:

    I adore the Itsy earring posts, can’t wait to try them, even for a men’s earring series!
    FB: Gloria Grahame

  34. suzi stenhouse says:

    Ohhh, would love this give away. June IS my birthday month, so I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed!!!

  35. Larissa Heskett says:

    SQUEAL!! I LOVE the New Collection and I think the Open Frames are my MOST EXCITED Product!! I CAN’T WAIT to play with them and try them out!! =) THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and for the chance to win!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  36. Gloria says:

    I can only say WOW!!! This is a wonderful collection. There are some many different ideas that can be developed and made. LOVE, LOVE this collection!!!

  37. Lori Aguirre says:

    My mind is going crazy right now thinking of all the fun stuff I can make with the tiny collection. Whimsical yet sophisticated style, fun and classical. Thanks for all the great creative ideas you offer!

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