5 Different Looks Of Epoxy Clay

One of the questions I hear a lot at trade-shows from brick and mortar store owners as well as designers is “I have some of those products and I’m not sure what to do with them.” As a result of the store owners not quite knowing what to do, it can be difficult to inspire their customers’ creativity. One of the products often singled out is Crystal Clay. The name is misgiving and this product is often thought of as “a one trick pony,” but after I’m done inspiring they see that there are oh so many creative options. Here are a few of the techniques that we have been playing with here at Nunn Design.


Technique: Embedding Crystals


All right, I’ll go over the obvious technique first…embedding crystals. We have a full line of kits and tutorials available to help you with this one. Check out our Gallery for DIY Tutorials and our Video Gallery for inspiration.

Technique: Embedding Rhinestone Chain


This technique is a super fast way to create really great looking blinged out creation!

Technique: Using Found Objects


This one is always a crowd pleaser because it incorporates found objects that just don’t fit into the bezel. In this ring, I used a vintage button that was way too wide for the ring shank’s sidewalls. I put a bit of Crystal Clay into the base and pressed in my button. Then I snaked out a small bit to wrap around where there was a gap due to the shank of the button being so wide. I then embedded some crystals around the edge. Pretty neat huh?

Technique: Wrap it Around Glass


I love this look. I wrapped some brown Crystal Clay around some glass, texturized it with our new Squishers and then painted with with Swellegants. Love this look!

Technique: Embed Seed Beads


This is so easy to do, but doesn’t look that way. All the qualities I look for in creating a project. There is a great video on our website showing this technique. Hint though, it involves using beads still on the string. Cool huh?

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One thought on “5 Different Looks Of Epoxy Clay

  1. Katherine says:

    This totally inspires me to get out my Crystal Clay this weekend. You have come up with some ideas I never would have thought of – but solve some of my big issues. (For example, the wrap-around-glass idea…BRILLIANT!) I love how you send out so many cool ideas of ways to use products…that’s what makes you the best! xx

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