6 Top Trends in Bangle Bracelets

Unless you have been living in a fashion void, it is hard not to notice all of the bangle bracelets in the world of style. If you haven’t yet included bangles into your jewelry collection or store, it is time to get on board the bangle bandwagon!

Here are the top 6 Bangle Trends that are exploding in our market place:


Trend 1: Wire Wrapping Rhinestone Chain

If you haven’t tried your hand yet at wire wrapping rhinestone chain or ball chain, this technique is really easy, fun and rather addictive. No wonder the fashion is a whole armload!

Learn It:
How To Wire Wrap

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Rhinestone Chain
Bangle Bracelets


Trend 2: Add A Charm

It can’t get much easier than opening and closing a jump ring. These can be added to a “bauble bar” where the customer can choose their own items and customize them. Allowing the consumer to spend as much as their budget allows.

Learn it:
How To Open a Jump Ring

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Bangle Bracelets


Trend 3: Wire Wrapping Beads

Honestly, even non-beaders have a stash of beads somewhere. Maybe from a necklace strand that has broken? This project is for anyone and everyone who wants to recycle the past and transform it into something new! Or, maybe you are looking for an excuse to buy more loot!

Learn it:
How To Wire Wrap

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Bangle Bracelets


I have mentioned the website Honestly WTF in previous newsletters. These ladies have their pulse on all things “HOT”. Whenever I pin an Honestly WTF image on Pinterest, it always take the lead on repins!

Learn it:
How To Fiber Wrap

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Jump Rings
Bangle Bracelets


Trend 5: Create A Charm by Metal Stamping

You’d think the craze for metal stamping would eventually peak, but we are so far from it. This look is ideal for customizing and making unique jewelry.

Learn it:
How To Metal Stamp with a Free Stamping on Metals Video by Beaducation

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Metal Stamping Tags
Bangle Bracelets


Trend 6: Create A Charm With Resin

Creating your own charms using transfer sheets and UV Resin is beyond fun. AND, if you are at all interested in getting into resin, this is the ideal intro. Watch the free video listed below to learn just how easy it is. This is a project that I teach to the very beginner because the results are excellent each time!!!

Learn it:
Alter Charms with UV Resin & Transfer Sheets

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Flat Tags
UV Resin
Transfer Sheets
Bangle Bracelets

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One thought on “6 Top Trends in Bangle Bracelets

  1. Michelle says:

    Gosh, I love these trends. I just wish there was some sort of hinged bangle so I could wear them. My knuckles are just too huge and painful to try to cram the normal bangle over them. Pinned this post for my friends to see. Bet they love the trends too. TFS!

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