9 Bracelet Finding Options-From Boho Chic to Vintage!

Bracelet findings continue to be one of the top selling categories for Nunn Design throughout 2015. The trend of “the more bracelets the better” has been a big motivator for this strong sales trend.

Nunn Design happens to have over 9 variations of bracelet findings to choose from. All of them stand alone statements – but mixing them up on the wrist creates just that – a statement!

1. Nunn Design Bangle Bracelets


Bangle bracelets take the lead in sales. All of the Nunn Design Bangle Bracelets are formed from brass and plated in copper, 24k gold or .999 silver.

Shop: the Nunn Design Bangles!

2. Nunn Design Chain Bracelets

chain-collage-logo 2

Create interesting bracelets using Nunn Design Chain! Mix a variety of chains together to create unique one of a kind looking pieces. Nunn Design chains are brass and plated with copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Shop: the Nunn Design Chain

3. Nunn Design Channel Bangle Bracelets


Nunn Design Channel Bracelets are an open invitations for creativity. There are so many ways in which you can add your own personality to these bangles. Channel Bangles are brass and plated with copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Shop: the Nunn Design Channel Bangle Bracelets!

4. Nunn Design Channel Cuff Bracelets

channel-cuff-bracelets-collage-logo 2

Channel Cuff Bracelets are a great option to offer. Instead of being challenged by customers not being able to get a Bangle Bracelet over their knuckles, they can try a Channel Cuff Bracelet! Channel Cuff Bracelets are brass and plated copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Shop: the Nunn Design Channel Cuff Bracelets

5. Nunn Design Charm Bracelets

charm-bracelet-collage-logo 2

You have got to love charm bracelets! Add just one statement piece, or fully load it up with little trinkets! Nunn Design Charm Bracelets are brass with lead-free pewter toggles and clasps. Bracelets are plated with copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Shop: the Nunn Design Charm Bracelets

6. Bracelets Created with Deerskin Lace

deerskin-lace-collage-logo 2

Deerskin Lace screams Boho Chic to me, but it can also be Southwestern or classic. It just all depends on how you tie it all together. Deerskin Lace is harvested from North American deer and is tanned in the USA.

Shop: Nunn Design Deerskin Lace!

7. Bracelets Created with Leather Cord

leather-cord-collage-logo 2

We offer leather cord that is imported, yet of high quality. It is available in a 1.5mm cord in both chocolate brown and black.

Shop: Nunn Design Leather Cord!

8. Nunn Design Leather Cuff Bracelets

leather-cuff-bracelets-collage-logo 2

We offer USA made leather cuffs in a variety of colors and 2 widths. Cuff bracelets have two snaps for adjustability.

Shop: Nunn Design Leather Cuff Bracelets!

9. Nunn Design Patera Bracelets

patera-bracelet-collage-logo 2

Patera Bracelets are brass and plated in copper, 24k gold or .999 fine silver.

Visit: You can see all these bracelets and more in our Bracelet Gallery!

Shop: Nunn Design Patera Bracelets!

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Nunn Design has been supplying jewelry artists with findings for over 20 years. Shop wholesale jewelry findings for creative jewelry makers.

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