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22 Things to Create with Gel Du Soleil Resin!

For an entire week, I immersed myself in the exploration of Gel du Soleil, a UV resin that solidifies within just 20 minutes under the influence of ultraviolet light. The goal was to determine whether the artistic mediums I teach with, such as gilding flakes, mica powders, molds, organics, texture, and resin colorants, could integrate […]

The Pros and Cons of Nunn Design 2-Part Resin and Gel du Soleil UV Resin

Let’s take an overview of the differences between Nunn Design 2-Part Resin and Gel du Soleil. These two resins both have their pros and cons and it isn’t an either/or choice when I’m designing. I often use both resins, depending on the technique. Nunn Design 2-Part Resin Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, requires that you mix […]

Rubber Stamps Faux Porcelain Tutorial – Epoxy Clay, Rubber Stamps and Gel du Soleil

Learn how to create faux porcelain pieces with our Buy & Try Faux Porcelain. The actual Buy & Try will be going live August 13, 2015 with all of the findings and products that you will need to create this great tutorial. Explore creating faux porcelain jewelry using Epoxy Clay, rubber stamps and Gel du […]

Transfer Sheet Faux Porcelain Tutorial – Epoxy Clay, Transfer Sheets and Gel du Soleil

Learn how to create faux porcelain pieces. In the blog post, we explore creating faux porcelain jewelry using Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay, Nunn Design Transfer Sheets and Gel du Soleil. What is Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay? Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay is a two-part epoxy that cures in 90 to 120 minutes. By mixing together parts A and B […]

Explore The Possibilities! Charm Bracelets

Mixed media jewelry will always be my favorite genre. I love the look of handmade and the endless possibilities that each and every artist can achieve that is unique to their own personal style. I’ve had a streak of requests over the past couple of weeks to offer another art retreat here in my hometown […]


Resin Transfer Sheet Lapel Pins

Although this blog and tutorial download are not the EXACT project, it will give you an idea of how this piece was created but with 2 part Resin instead of Gel du Soleil. Read Blog Post: Colorized Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Transfer Sheets Download PDF Tutorial: How to Colorize Resin in an Open Back […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Collage & Transfer Sheets with Resin!

Collage & Transfer Sheets

Adding imagery in the form of collage and transfer sheets, is a great way to keep your jewelry designs fresh and unique. Nunn Design has a series of collage and transfer sheets for you to work with, but it is also easy to create your own imagery. We cover that in this blog post. Here […]

4 Tutorials to “Put a Bird On It!”

Birds! Birds! Birds! A theme that is still going strong! Here are 4 tutorials of ways you can “put a bird on it!” 1. Colorized Resin & Transfer Sheets Although we have done several tutorials and videos on how to use resin and transfer sheets, we have not yet done this exact combination of techniques. […]

Learn How to Make Handmade Jewelry! 24 Techniques to Get You Started!
Part 1 of 3

Exploring the many techniques for making handmade jewelry is what Nunn Design is passionate about. The findings that we design and include in our collection allows each artisan the ability to create jewelry that is unique to their own brand. We believe that jewelry consumers crave something new, but not too new. Nunn Design strives […]

7 Click! Learn! Make! Techniques for Making Handmade Jewelry

The Nunn Design 2019 Summer Catalogue is designed to inspire our customers AND to educate them on how to do the various projects throughout the pages. Here is how we designed the catalogue pages with your interaction in mind: Download the 2019 Summer Catalogue Throughout the catalogue, click on an image that you would like […]

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