How to Make Pendants with Glitter Roxs & Gel du Soleil


Here is a tutorial on How to Make Pendants with Glitter Roxs & Gel du Soleil! To learn how to use Glitter Roxs with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, please visit this blog post: Make These Bitsy Earrings with Nunn Design Resin and Glitter Roxs.

  • What is Gel du Soleil?
    Gel du Soleil is a UV light sensitive resin. There is no mixing, no waste and the gel cures in 20 minutes when exposed to UV light. Because it is UV light sensitive, all aspects of the Gel du Soleil MUST be exposed to UV light in order for a piece to cure.
  • What are Glitter Roxs?
    Glitter Roxs are small pieces of translucent glass flakes imported from Germany. Because of their translucent quality, they fit the necessary restriction of curing success! Light can pass through the colored glass and cure.

Download our Glitter Roxs & Gel du Soleil Tutorial.

How to Make Pendants with Glitter Roxs & Gel du Soleil

Supplies Needed:
Glitter Roxs
Gel du Soleil
Nunn Design Findings
UV Lamp

Tools Needed:
Wet wipes
Toothpicks or headpins
Business cards or card stock
Pair of needle nose pliers
A small cellobag bag
Safety Glasses


When we plate our Nunn Design Findings, we have a process to antique them that often leaves some black antiquing. Use a wet wipe to clean the inside of the Nunn Design Bezel and remove any of the excess black antiquing that might be in your bezel.


Place your bezel onto a business card or a piece of card stock. This will aid you in transferring the bezel into the UV lamp once it is filled with resin.


Pop the nozzle off of your bottle of Gel du Soleil with a pair of needle nose pliers (if using the 5/16 oz bottle). Place the nozzle onto a small cello bag. Removing the nozzle will make is easier to pour the Gel du Soleil and limit excess bubbles in the resin.


Pour a very small drop of Gel du Soleil into the bezel, just enough to fill the base. Use a toothpick to move the Gel du Soleil around the base, making a nice even coating on the bottom of the bezel. When you are finished pouring the Gel du Soleil into the bezel, place the nozzle back onto the bottle and screw on the top.


I like to pour my Glitter Roxs from the plastic container onto a small cello bag. This helps avoid pouring too many of the Glitter Roxs into the bezel. Gently tap the small cello bag with Glitter Roxs to fill the base of your bezel. Warning: The Glitter Roxs are tiny shards of glass, so make sure to wear safety glasses and avoid putting your fingers near your eyes.

GlitterRoxs-step-out_0197 GlitterRoxs-step-out_0201

Using a toothpick, stir your Glitter Roxs and Gel du Soleil until it feels like the flakes are slightly coated.


If you have any excess Gel du Soleil on the bezel edges, use your wet wipe and Q-Tip to remove it. Once you expose the Gel du Soleil to the UV light, it will start to cure instantaneously, so make sure that you have all excess Gel du Soleil off of the sides. Pour your excess Glitter Roxs back into the containers avoiding any waste.

GlitterRoxs-step-out_0221 GlitterRoxs-step-out_0216

Turn on the UV Lamp and transfer your business card with the bezel laying on the top, into the UV light. Make sure that your business card is level so that the Glitter Roxs will cure in the position you want them and not all squished to one side or the other.

To allow multiple pieces in the UV light tray at the same time, you can remove the business card just minutes after you have placed the bezel in the UV light.


Once 20 minutes has passed, remove your bezel. Using a toothpick, scrap over the top of your Glitter Roxs dislodging any pieces that might not have fully cured to the piece. If you have a lot of pieces that were dislodged, add some more Gel du Soleil, and place back into the UV light.


Isn’t that just the bee’s knees! This technique is super fast, super high-end looking and super EASY! Here are some of the pieces I created with this technique.


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4 thoughts on “How to Make Pendants with Glitter Roxs & Gel du Soleil

  1. Heather Martin says:

    OMG!!! Nunn Design Team, I love you even more for this!!! I need to just buy the Glitter Roxs and I am set to try this out. I NEED the Glitter Roxs!!! Like yesterday!!! Thank you for this preview. And for all the amazing products you come out with and designs you share with us all.

  2. Valerie Wilson says:

    These pieces with the Glitter Roxs are stunning. I’m looking forward to experimenting with them and the Gel Du Soleil which I’ve used with much success before. Thanks for working with JudyKins and combining products – fantastic!

  3. Larissa Heskett says:

    Such an AWESOME Tutorial!! =) SQUEAL!! I’m in LOVE with Glass Glitter and I have LOTS of it on hand so this is going to be SO FUN to Try!! I also LOVE the Design of the Bracelet that you shared!! I’ll have to create a Similar one for myself to wear!! LOL!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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