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My first introduction to aluminum bracelets was when I was traveling years ago in Nepal. I was so drawn to all of the shops and stalls that sold Indian Wedding Bangles. They were all so bright and colorful and of course, the fashion was a full arm full. Here are some examples of the bangles that I saw:


Ever since, I have admired this look of aluminum as a jewelry metal. Here are some samples of great jewelry artists using aluminum in their work.

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I really like Jane Adam’s jewelry. Click over to her blog, her work is wonderful!

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I’m always attracted to artisans using recycled or upcycled materials. Jeanette of Verveine Designs does a beautiful job using aluminum cans and Washi Origami Papers to create these lovely jewelry pieces.

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Paula or Turkana Design on Etsy is creating some beautiful modern anodized aluminum jewelry.

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Here are some crazy cool pieces from Hazel Atkinson!

Learn How!


Here is a “Can-Do Recycled Necklace” tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens.


There is something about this tutorial that has really got my wheels spinning. Wouldn’t this look cool punched out, placed in a bezel and resin poured over the top?


These aluminum zipper kits are cool!

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So LOVE these pieces by Etsy artist Christine Marie Davis of Christine’s Cabinet. Yes, they are aluminum knitting needles and old vintage buttons! What a brilliant combination!

Pretty fun stuff, isn’t it? I’d love to see what aluminum jewelry is inspiring you?

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