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2012 beaducation chart To download this great chart of free information, click here

Bead and Button was a week full of education, inspiration and connection with so many great people.  What a great industry we are in!
I truly love my work!

Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing things that I learned and information that I found to be helpful with my creative process.

Have you ever wondered what the different gauges of metal look like?  Or what size of a stamping blank would work with your current project?  Or maybe how many letters can fit in an inch depending on the size of metal stamp you are using?

This chart, which is by far my favorite bit of information, comes from Aisha Formanski, the Education Director at Beaducation. It covers so much useful information that it is a definite ‘download and save!’  I already have it taped up to the wall!

For those of you that can appreciate this level of detailed information, pump your hands in the air and shout: “Beaducation is GREAT!” To see other fantastic free information the great team at Beaducation has to offer, visit them at

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