Add Color to Resin

Bring on the Color!

It seems like adding color to metal is all the rage!  Between mica powders, Swellegants, and enamels the possibilities are endless.

I have been playing with a new line of colorants for the Nunn Design® Resin.  Once the two-part resin is mixed, you add a very small amount of colorant to get opaque colors such as these.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in trying something like this?

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5 thoughts on “Add Color to Resin

  1. Pauline says:

    Ooo yes I love to try something like this . I’m just starting out using resin and making jewellery . How cool 🙂

  2. Monica says:

    Absolutely! Your product line is great. This would be an excellent addition. Gemtones, bright colors and especially black would come in rather handy.

  3. Christine Wilson says:

    Coloring metal is so hot right now, and this is an excellent addition to your line. I particularly like the solid opaque colors you were able to achieve. There are several resin products on the market, what distinguishes your new offering from others?

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