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Designing with rhinestone chain gives me such pleasure. This really adds another element of “snazz” to the piece, don’t you think? The Nunn Design Rhinestone Chains are Preciosa Crystals set in brass and then plated with 24k gold, .999 fine silver and copper. The Buy & Try Keepsake Pendant Fun Chain Add On is a great way to have a stash of chain on the ready for that next day of creating.

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Explore different ways in which the rhinestone chain has been incorporated into these different jewelry projects.


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2 thoughts on “Buy & Try Keepsake Findings-Fun Add On Chains

  1. libby says:

    I just love rhinestone chains….I want to put them on everything! But, oh woe is me…..I also want to wile away the day using everyone of these lovely items.

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