Which Collage & Transfer Sheet Images fit Which Bezels? A Quick Reference Guide

Collage & Transfer Sheets Birds & Trees, Black & White Trees, Color Trees & Madonna Icons

These are the newest of our image offerings. We designed these images to fit in our newest of bezels, but don’t limit them to just that! You can trim and crop and use partial images too!

Bezels that Fit Images

12.7mm Circle

a. Mini Link Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
a. Lapel Pin Mini Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
a. Ornate Mini Pendant Circle (ID: 13.1mm)
a. Earring Mini Circle (ID: 12.7mm)

9.2mm Square

b. Itsy Link Square (ID: 9.2mm)

14x8mm Mini Heart

c. Lapel Pin Mini Heart (14x8mm)

25x22mm Half Oval

d. Grande Pendant Half Oval (ID: 25x22mm)
d. Open Pendant Half Oval (ID: 25x22mm)

22.6x10mm Rectangle

e. Open Frame Large Rectangle (ID: 22.6x10mm)

7×16.4mm Rectangle

f. Open Frame Small Rectangle (ID: 7×16.4mm)

26x19mm Drop

g. Grande Pendant Drop (ID: 26x19mm)
g. Open Pendant Drop (ID: 26x19mm)

11x11mm Mini Star

h. Lapel Pin Mini Star (ID: 11x11mm)

4x14mm Mini Moon

i. Lapel Pin Mini Moon (ID: 4x14mm)

15×30 Arrowhead

j. Grande Pendant Arrowhead (ID: 15x30mm)
Open Pendant Arrowhead (ID: 15x30mm)

12.7mm Mini Square

k. Mini Link Square (ID: 12.7mm)

Collage & Transfer Sheets Astrology Black and Astrology White

These are a perfect fit for our large and mini pendants, but don’t let that deter you from using them with our other pendants with around a 21mm or 13.5mm inner dimension. There might be a little wiggle room, but they work great.

Large Circles (21mm)

a. Large Pendant Circle (ID: 20.5mm)
a. Open Bezel Channel Deep Large Circle (ID: 21.2mm)
a. Open Frame Large Circle (ID: 23.7mm)
a. Open Frame Hoop Small (ID: 20.4mm)
a. Single Sided Pendant (ID: 20.2mm)

Mini Circles (13.5mm)

b. Mini Link Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
b. Lapel Pin Mini Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
b. Ornate Mini Pendant Circle (ID: 13.1mm)
b. Earring Mini Circle (ID: 12.7mm)

Collage & Transfer Sheets Angels, Birds, Bathing Beauties, Butterflies, Collage Sheet Birds, Graphic Floral, Madonna, Nature, Paris, Silhouette and Winter Holiday

These collage and transfer sheets fit a whole mess of bezels! Here is the list of all of the bezels that you could use with these images.

12.7mm Circle

a. Mini Link Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
a. Lapel Pin Mini Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
a. Ornate Mini Pendant Circle (ID: 13.1mm)
a. Earring Mini Circle (ID: 12.7mm)

17.mm Circle

b. Small Pendant Circle (ID: 16.5mm)
b. Small Link Circle (ID: 16.7mm)
b. Traditional Pendant Circle (ID: 16.6mm)
b. Cuff Links Traditional Circle (ID: 16.6mm)
b. Ring Adjustable Traditional Circle (ID: 16.8mm)

20.9mm Circle

c. Large Pendant Circle (ID: 20.5mm)
c. Open Bezel Channel Deep Large Circle (ID: 21.2mm)
c. Open Frame Large Circle (ID: 23.7mm)
c. Open Frame Hoop Small (ID: 20.4mm)
c. Single Sided Pendant (ID: 20.2mm)

32.3mm Circle

d. Grande Pendant Circle (ID: 31.6mm)

12.8mm Squares

e. Mini Link Square (ID: 12.7mm)

15.7mm Square

f. Small Link Square (ID: 16mm)
f. Small Pendant Square (ID: 15.7mm)
f. Traditional Pendant Square (ID: 15.9mm)

24mm Square

g. Large Pendant Square (ID: 24.3mm)
g. Ornate Pendant Square (ID: 23.7mm)

31.1mm Square

h. *DISCONTINUED* Grande Pendant Square (ID: 31.7mm)

Large Heart

i. Large Pendant Heart (ID: 30×28.xmm)

Grande Heart

j. Grande Pendant Heart (ID: 50.2×25.7mm)

14x10mm Oval

k. Mini Link Oval (ID: 14.1x10mm)
k. Ring Adjustable Small Oval (ID: 14.5×10.5mm)
k. Ring Adjustable Ornate Small Oval (ID: 14.1×10.2mm)
k. Earring Small Oval (ID: 14.4×10.5mm)

35.5×25.7mm Oval

l. Large Pendant Oval (ID: 25.7×19.4mm)
l. Ornate Large Pendant Oval (ID: 25.1×18.3mm)
l. Ring Adjustable Ornate Large Oval (ID: 25.2×17.8mm)

10×14 Rectangle

m. Mini Link Rectangle (ID: 14x10mm)

30.1×18.5 Rectangle

n. Large Pendant Rectangle (ID: 31.1×18.6mm)

39.7×22.2mm Rectangle

o. *DISCONTINUED* Grande Pendant Rectangle (ID: 39.6×22.1)

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