Create a Wrist of Bangles Using Seed Beads and Epoxy Clay

The best part of this project is that it looks like it was super hard to create! There is something about a project that looks difficult to produce that makes it more desirable, don’t you think? Let me take the mystery out of this process.

To create these bangles all you need:

1.  Crystal Clay – White

2.  Nunn Design Bangle Bracelet Channel

3.  Seed beads


Step 1.

Mix Crystal Clay following the manufacturer’s instructions.  You’ll want about a large blueberry size ball of parts A and B. Once the two parts of the Crystal Clay are fully mixed, roll the mixed ball into a long snake of clay.

Step 2.

Place one of the ends of the snaked Crystal Clay down into the Bangle Bracelet Channel. I press the snaked roll of clay down with my left thumb, pushing it forward and stretching it out flat while my right hand is holding the excess snake of clay, slightly pulling it and rotating the bracelet slowly. It may take your own system to get comfortable, but in Step 2 you are laying the clay down into the channel. I try to keep the amount of clay flush with the side edges.

Step 3.

Place your seed beads onto a flat surface.  You may need to turn some of the seed beads so the holes are all facing up. I used two business cards to create an 8.5” long strip of beads, about the width of the Bangle Bracelet.

Step 4.

Starting at one end of your 8.5” strip of seed beads, press the Bangle Bracelet Channel loaded with Crystal Clay into the seed beads.  Use the tips of your fingers to gently press down the Bangle along the inside curved surface. Continue to roll the bangle across your strip of seed beads until you have made the full loop.

Step 5.

Use your fingers to pat down the seed beads into the Crystal Clay.  I also use my fingernails to go along the outside edge of the Channel, making sure that a bunch of excess isn’t spilling over the sides.  If you do have excess, use a wet wipe and wipe away the Crystal Clay while it is soft. It will be a real challenge to get off once it is set, so take your time and clean as you go along.

Step 6.

Okay, we are on step 6 here and I told you this was an easy project.  At this point you are probably thinking I’m a big fat fibber, but it wasn’t all that hard. In fact the pictures above are the first two samples I ever made…hang in there!

Step 7.

Really Step 6, but who’s counting.  If you had excess clay from Step 2, you will use if for this next step.  If you don’t have extra clay, you will need about a pea size ball of parts A and B. Once the Crystal Clay is fully mixed, snake it out into a thin long snake.  You will be basically using the thin strip of Crystal Clay to make a slip (like when working with pottery). I placed my fingers in water getting the clay very wet, so I could easily and gently rub it over the seed beads. The clay will fill all of the little holes.

Step 8.

Use a wet wipe to wipe away the excess clay.  I again used my fingernails to go along the outside edges of the Bangle Bracelet Channel to clean up that side edge.  If you don’t have fingernails because you bit them all off stressing if you were going to wrap this project up or not, use a butter knife.

I hope you will have fun with this.  I did and I love the results. -B

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