DIY Jewelry Tutorial – Boho Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are fun to jingle around your wrist, especially when they are bangles that you have created yourself! This DIY Jewelry Tutorial-Boho Bangle Bracelets is ideal for the beginning jewelry maker. The techniques are basic and the end results are stylish! There is nothing like receiving feedback like; “Really? You made that?” to boost your jewelry making confidence! Let’s get you started!


Here is a breakdown of the jewelry findings that are used in the Boho Bangle Bracelet.

To create the bangles, the kit includes :
30” (2.5’) Deerskin Lace 3mm Saddle (dsl3s-b)
2 Bangle Bracelets Channel Narrow-Antique Silver (bbcn-sb)
1 Bangle Bracelet Flat Small-Antique Silver (bbfs-sb)
1’ 28 Gauge Silver Wire
2 Metal Beads Faceted Round 4mm-Antique Silver (mbfr4-sb)
4 Jumpring 6mm Textured Circle-Antique Silver (jr6tc-sb)
1 Metal Bead Faceted Teardrop-Antique Silver (mbft-sb)
1 Headpin-Antique Silver (hps-b)
1 Charm Tree of Life-Antique Silver (ctol-sb)
1 Charm Small Elephant-Antique Silver (cse-sb)

To create the tassel the kit includes:
9” Deerskin Lace 5mm Saddle (dsl5s-b)
2’ 20 Gauge Silver Wire
1 Beadcap 9mm Sea Hive-Antique Silver (bc9sh-sb)
1 Metal Bead Faceted Antique Silver (mbf-sb)
1 Beadcap 6mm Petal-Antique Silver (bc6p-sb)

Additional tools you will need (*available on our website):
1 pair of Shear Flush Cutters*
2 pair of Needle Nose Pliers*
1 Ruler
1 Pair of Scissors

Additional supplies needed:
Multi Purpose Adhesive (such as Bond 527 Cement or E6000)
Small Cello bag (or plastic wrap)

Learn How!

Creating the Bangles

Step 1:
Cut a 9” piece length of the Deerskin Lace 3mm leather to be glued into the Bangle Bracelet Channel Narrow.

To apply the glue into the channel, squeeze a wee bit of Bond 527 Cement onto a small cello bag. Using a toothpick roll the toothpick in the glue and then dab it along the base of the Channel Bracelet.

While the glue is still wet, lay the Deerskin Lace 3mm into the channel.

Be sure to wipe away any glue that might have gotten on your hands or the metal to ensure that you keep your leather clean.

Step 2:
Once you have glued the Deerskin Lace into the Channel Bangle all the way around the bracelet, cut off the Deerskin Lace where it begins to overlap.

Cut an additional 7” of Deerskin Lace 3mm Saddle.

Leaving approximately 1 ½” – 2” of deerskin lace hanging, wrap the leather 3 times around the seam of the Channel Bangle.

You will have uneven lengths that you will trim later (or not depending on your aesthetics!).

Next, wrap the dangling 2 strands of deerskin lace with a 2’ piece of 28 Gauge Silver Wire.
Create a 90-degree angle on the end of the wire.

Place the wire down onto the backside of the leather and start to wrap.

Wrap the wire close to the Channel Bangle, wrapping over the starting point and pulling taught to secure the wire to the leather. Wrap approximately 6 times.

When you are finished wrapping the wire around the deerskin lace, to secure the wire from being snagged and coming unraveled, tuck the wire underneath the wrapped wire and pull firmly to secure.   Cut the excess wire using your flush cutters. Then use your needle nose pliers to press the ends of the wire into the deerskin lace.

Step 3:
Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 for your 2nd bangle. To mix things up a-la-Boho-Chic-Style, thread one Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm-Antique Silver onto the end of your untrimmed deerskin lace.

Tie a simple overhand knot to secure the bead. Repeat for the 2nd end.

TIP: To help your Deerskin Lace pass through the hole in the Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm Bead, cut your leather at a very sharp point prior to threading the leather into the bead.

Step 4:
Trim the hanging deerskin lace to your desired length on both assembled channel bangles.

Creating the Tassel

Step 5:
Cut the Deerskin Lace 5mm Saddle into 3 separate 3” lengths.

Line up your cut 5mm deerskin lace with the suede side facing down. Hold the deerskin lace between your thumb and your forefinger in the center. Place one end of the 6” piece of 20 Gauge Silver Wire between your forefinger and the deerskin lace.

Using your other hand, wrap the wire around the center point of the deerskin lace 2 times.

Use your needle nose pliers to press the wire together then cut any excess wire with your flush cutters at the beginning of your wrap. You should have about 2.5” – 3” of wire left for threading your tassel top.

Step 6:
Next thread the Beadcap 9mm Sea Hive-Antique Silver onto the excess wire positioned so that the top of the leather tassel fits into the beadcap.

Next thread the Beadcap 6mm Petal-Antique Silver onto the wire so that the cup side is facing up, and then thread the Metal Bead Faceted Antique Silver onto the wire.

Step 7:
Now we will create the loop at the top of your tassel. Using your needle nose pliers create a loop approximately ¼” to ½” from the top of the metal bead.

Holding the loop with one set of pliers wrap the wire under the bead and around itself approximately 3 times.

Trim any excess wire using the flush cutters.

If you would like the ends of your Deerskin Lace tassel to be even, trim using a pair of scissors.

Step 8:
Thread the Metal Bead Faceted Teardrop-Antique Silver onto the Headpin-Antique Silver. Eyeball about ½” from the top of the Metal Bead and trim off the excess using your Flush Cutter Pliers. Using your Needle Nose Pliers bend the ½” of exposed head pin creating a loop.

Assembling the Bangle

Step 9:
Using the needle nose pliers open the 4 6mm Textured Circle Jumprings.

Thread the Charm Tree of Life onto a jumpring and the bangle then close the jumpring. Thread the Charm Small Elephant onto a jumpring and the bangle then close the jumpring.
Do the same for the tassel and the metal bead from step 5.

Step 10:
Stack those bangles and enjoy!

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