DIY Wood Pendant Resin Tutorials & Inspiration!

Wood incorporated within resin is still a very popular trend. It is a fairly inexpensive investment in supplies, yet the look is very rich in texture and feel.

There are so many different types of wood that vary in color and texture. Wood is a medium that so deserves the attention that it is getting! What a better way then to make wearable pieces of art with such a natural wonder.

While researching how to create with wood and resin I came across several great tutorials and videos to learn from. Hopefully you will find them helpful learning tools.

Barb, of the blog Made by Barb, created this great in-depth tutorial on how to create rustic resin pendants by incorporating wood and resin.

Blog Tutorial: Rustic Resin Pendants

Sheri, of Hazel + Gold designs, walks you through her process of incorporating wood and resin.

Blog Tutorial: DIY Wood And Resin Pendant

Here is a video produced by Mostly Wood that I thought was insightful in the “how to” process of incorporating wood and resin together.

Video: wood resin pendant

Once you know the basics from Mostly Wood, you can learn how to make it into a ring with this You Tube video by Randomize Me.

Video: DIY Secret Wood Ring, Wood Resin Ring

Here is video from Ben’s Worx walking you through how to snap wood and incorporate the jagged edges into the resin.

Video: How To Make a Secret Wood Pendant Necklace

Wanda of Dance with the Trees made this super cute wood-burned wood and resin pendant!

Do you have other tutorials or videos that you have enjoyed reading or watching? Please leave a comment on what you have learned.


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