Embroidery Resources, Color and Theme Inspiration

I think you’ve heard me mention that I’m a wee bit obsessed with embroidery right now. There is just so much heart that goes into this timeless craft.

Nothing fuels my interest like learning! And boy-howdy, there is a lot of that out there. Embroidery artists are very generous with what they know and what they have learned. Here are some of the resources, color and theme inspiration that I’ve gathered together to inspire you to create.

NO, I don’t want to see you rolling your eyes about taking on yet another craft. This one you can carry in the car and do on the plane!


Like with every new craft, there is a lot of stuff to learn. I found this list of best tips and resources from Happy Cactus to be top notch and very helpful. Teach Yourself to Embroider: My Best Tips & Resources

I did manage to buy a bunch of embroidery floss and in no time it was a jumbled mess of threads. I found this suggestion from Happy Cactus about how to organize your embroidery threads very helpful! Hand Embroidery Tips: Organizing Your Threads.

TNNA is “The” tradeshow for embroidery and needlepoint supplies. Their next show is in Las Vegas, January 26-28th. TNNA Event Details

Shoot, I’m not sure what the heck this is, but it is an eBook that is just packed with all kinds of cool information about needlework. Just had to include it. Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont

There are a plethora of tutorial embroidery videos on youtube, making learning hand embroidery super easy and fun.

Youtuber Dana B shares, “I recently got super into needlework and embroidery, I’m not that great at it, but I wanted to share 4 of my favorite and super easy stitch patterns for making beautiful pieces.

Theme & Color Inspiration:

Embroidery Zodiac IDeas

I really like this constellation theme that Etsy artist Foxy Chest created. I especially love her photo set-up!

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A post shared by Вышивка по фатину ? Moscow (@kath_rinrin) on

I love this Russian artist, @kath_rinrin that I am following on Instagram. Please click over and see her work. It is really inspiring! I love how she incorporates beads.

Kits Available:

Modern hand embroidery, Embroidery kit – Autumn Leaves

Blue wall art, Sea blue, Hand embroidery – Ocean Princess Embroidery kit

Israel artist, Tamar Nahir Yanai, has a wonderful collection of kits that can get the beginner started and learning in no time.

Digital Hand Embroidery Pattern: Delicate Roses

You can also purchase instant downloads with color inspiration. Sometimes coming up with what to create, when starting out, can be challenging. Jessica, with Namaste Embroidery, makes it simple for you!

Other Kits on Etsy

There are so many embroidery kits to choose from! 250 pages worth on Etsy!

Shop Supplies:

Jewelry Kits for Embroidery are designed for the artisan with limited jewelry making experience. The Grande (31mm)Large (21mm)and Mini (12mm) Bezels are sold with a jumpring attached, making assembly fast and easy. No additional jewelry making tools are required.

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Your Embroidery Inspiration?

What information have you found out there that you find inspiring! Please leave a comment and share!

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  1. Hope Schoenbacher says:

    What is this eye rolling about taking on a new craft that you speak of? Are we NOT supposed to take on new crafts with reckless abandon? If that’s so, then I am doing it wrong. 😉

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