Excess Epoxy Clay Bits – Make a Sculpted Drop Accent Charm!


I’ve saved the very best tip for last! I think these pieces are stunning.

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Materials needed:

  • Epoxy Clay
  • Headpin
  • Easy Mold Silicone Putty
  • Mum Flower Charm
  • PearlEx Mica Powder


  • Q-tip
  • Wetwipes
  • Flush Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1: Make the Silicone Mold
Using a pair of Flush Cutters, cut off the loop from the Mum Flower Charm.


Step 2:
Pinch off two equal sized balls of Part A and B of the Silicone Putty. Be sure that the balls are large enough and will allow you to make an impression to fit your full Mum Flower Charm.


Step 3:
The Easy Mold Silicone Putty has a 3-minute working time before it begins to harden and not take the impression. Knead both part A and part B together until the putty is blended completely and has a uniform color.

Tip: Getting the knack for mixing just the right amount will take some practice. You might mix too much or too little putty the first time.


Step 4:
Roll the fully mixed Silicone Putty into a round ball and flatten slightly. Make sure the putty is smooth and not wrinkled. Press your Mum Flower Charm into the silicone putty, but not so far into the putty that you hit the bottom. Let the Silicone Putty set for 25 minutes. To remove the Mum Charm, slightly bend back the silicone putty mold.  Tip: To prevent your mold from sticking onto your work surface, use a glossy business card or a Ziploc bag.

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Step 5:
The Silicone Molding Putty takes 25 minutes to cure.  Once the putty is hard to the touch, bend back the sides to release and remove the charm.  Now you are ready to create your impressions with the mold.


Step 6: Make The Impression onto the Epoxy Clay
Use a Q-Tip to rub some PearlEx Mica Powder into the crevices of the silicone mold.  Tap any excess PearlEx Mica Powder back into the container.

DSC_0709_1000x1000 DSC_0714_1000x1000

Step 7:
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the handling and mixing of the Epoxy Clay. While wearing gloves, pinch off two equal sized balls of Part A and Part B and blend together fully until the clay is no longer marbled and uniform in color. You have approximately 90-120 minutes of working time before the clay starts to harden, so take your time. Once the clay is thoroughly mixed, remove your gloves to make it easier to work with the clay.

Step 8:
Pinch off a small ball of the clay and roll it in the palm of your hands until smooth and round.  Any creases in the clay will be more challenging to smooth out later, so roll until it is nice and smooth.


Step 9:
Poke the end of the headpin into the ball of Epoxy Clay.  Use your fingers to gently sculpt a drop like shape around the headpin.

DSC_0724_1000x1000 DSC_0733_1000x1000

Step 10:
Now, let’s make an impression in our Epoxy Clay. Place your Epoxy Clay drop into the mold. I like to pick-up the mold and use my fingers to push from the top as well as the bottom to create the impressions. Using a wet-wipe, clean up any Epoxy Clay that might have gotten on the headpin. The clay hardens like cement, so cleaning it up now and being tidy as you go makes the process easier and the results so much nicer.

DSC_0737_1000x1000 DSC_0739_1000x1000DSC_0745_1000x1000

Step 11:
Allow the sculpted drop to dry for at least 12 hours. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the headpin, creating a loop.  Pretty cool huh?

This is part of a series of tips and tutorials on using excess Epoxy Clay bits. Make sure to check the blog for the other tips!

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Design Option:

With a couple extra steps, you can create unique pendants by stitching the Sculpted Epoxy Clay onto a Wire Frame.

Step 1: Create the impression into the Epoxy Clay by pressing it into the Silicone Mold.

Step 2: Use a toothpick to create a couple holes along the side of the pendant.

Step 3: Cut 1’ of 22-gauge wire. Thread the wire through the hole in the Epoxy Clay and wrap it around the Wire Frame several times.

Step 4: Use your flush cutters to cut away the extra wire. I cut the wire consistently where it was coming up through the Epoxy Clay hole.

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