Inspired? Yes, indeed.

Teaching at Inspired.

When Donna had asked me to teach last year, I had no idea what an opportunity she was offering me, nor did I know that I would complete 3 days of teaching with such gratitude.

When I was 18, I won a scholarship to study in Italy for a year. As I boarded the plane, I hugged my father and told him “Dad, I am scared”. He pull me back and looked me in the eyes and said “it is only in stretching ourselves, do we really grow”. This advise has been at the core of my life. I knew that Donna’s request to do something totally out of my comfort zone, such as teach jewelry making to 200 women, would be a challenge for me.

On so many levels, I have grown over the past week. I spoke in front of 200 women in a ballroom setting. Over 3 days I stood in front of these women and let them see who I am – I joked, teased, laughed and taught. I learned of strengths within myself that I had no idea I had. Such as, I CAN DO THIS!

So, I thank you all. I loved almost every minute of it!

Becky Nunn
Nunn Design

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One thought on “Inspired? Yes, indeed.

  1. patricia says:

    you did an excellent job becky. the projects were perfect for all skill levels and the instruction was top notch.

    it was a pleasure meeting you and your BFF donna!

    best regards,
    the bandana lady 🙂

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