Karen’s Cuckoo Clock Inspired Necklace in Jewelry Affaire


2013 Nunn Design Innovation Team Member Karen McGovern has a necklace featured in Jewelry Affaire this month.  I love the backstory that Karen shared about her inspiration behind this creation;

This pendant was inspired by intricate and detailed German “Black Forest ”cuckoo clocks.  I love the amazing details carved into these clocks, full of natural elements and ornate embellishments.  I wanted to create a pendant with a similar feel, and Nunn Design’s (www.nunndesign.com) brass stampings are perfect for this.  I am lucky enough to be a member of Becky Nunn’s 2012/2013 Innovation Team, which means that I get to work with all of Nunn’s design elements!  The richness of detail in each is amazing, the weight is wonderful, and they hold up to heat treatments, patina, and drilling.  The pendant is based with a Vintage brass filigree oval, then layered with a 1.25 inch round brass disc, enamel copper disc, and assorted patina-colored Nunn Design brass flowers, bees and crystals.  Most are cold connected, with a soldered sterling branch under the central floral element.  It’s ornate, but still light and easily wearable.  The chain is also by Nunn Design—I just love this line.  In the end, the only thing I was missing was the cuckoo!” – Karen

Karen will be joining us for yet another year of fun and inspiration.  The more that Karen works with the product line, the more she pushes the innovative envelope.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this year!

Karen has a great website featuring her creations that she sells: http://www.beadkeepers.com.

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