Leather Tassel Tutorial, Inspiration + Video


Creating leather tassels is a trend still going very strong. The whole Boho trend just seems to be picking up more and more steam. Learn how to create these fun leather tassels with our tutorial and video.

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Tutorial on How To!

Trust me, you can do this!

Materials Needed:
Supplies needed for Silver tassel:
18 inches of 5mm deerskin lace
6 inches 20 gauge wire
1 9mm Beadcap Sea Hive-bc9sh-sb
1 Metal Bead Faceted Round 6mm-mbfr6-sb
1 8mm Daisy Bead Cap-bc8d-sb
1 6mm Daisy Bead Cap-bc6d-sb
1 Metal Bead Faceted Barrel-mbfb-sb
1 8mm Etched Daisy Bead Cap-bc8ed-sb


  1. Cut the suede leather 5mm deerskin lace into 3 6 inch strands and cut about 6 inches of 20 gauge wire
  2. Take the leather strips, stack them in the same direction, and fold them in half. Thread one end of the 20-gauge wire through the folded leather and wrap it around the leather at least 2 times. Press the wire together and tuck the wire end under the folded wire. Be sure the excess wire is on top of the leather tassel and centered. This is the piece you will use to thread the beadcaps.
  3. Thread the 9mm Beadcap Sea Hive onto the wire so that the top of the leather is inside the beadcap.
  4. Continue to thread the following onto the wire in this order
    • 8mm Daisy Bead Cap
    • Metal Bead Faceted Barrel
    • 8mm etched daisy Bead Cap
    • Metal Bead Faceted Round 6mm
    • 6mm Daisy Bead Cap
  5. Once all components have been threaded onto the wire – create a loop and wrap the wire under the loop about 2 – 3 times. Using flush cutters, snip the excess wire as close to the wrapped wire as possible. Using your needle nose pliers press the snipped wire end so it is flush with the wire (and won’t poke an eye out!)
  6. Optional: Trim the leather so that is it even and to your liking.

Watch the Video!

This is a whole blown Artbeads Café video, but the making of the tassels is fairly quick in the beginning of the video.

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Be Even More Inspired!

Once you make the tassel, you will want to use that deerskin lace on other projects too! Here is some inspiration on some of the things we have created.


Levanzo_52F4582 Sicily_52F4566 Stromboli_52F4649

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